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fftIt is fairly often that I am given the advice that I should ignore the trolls out there that keep doing the things that they do. I am told they are doing all  of this for attention and that by responding to them, I am feeding their addiction.

Well then, I pass the same advice on to my haters who have been griping about the sock accounts showing up all over twitter.

fft1It is obvious that whoever is creating the sock accounts is doing so to gain attention. The targets of the sock accounts respond getting all butt hurt and upset.

The sock troll then is filled with glee as they have managed, in some way, to control their targets and others as well.

So why not take the advice that was given to me? Ignore the sock creators. It is easy enough to quietly work to get the accounts suspended.

liartrollGoing on twitter and elsewhere, ranting and raving is only giving the sock puppet creator what they want. It makes no difference who blames who for the sock creation, the creator or creators become the center of attention.

trollfeed3If, on the other hand, we all start to ignore the trolls and sock creators, they will be denied the attention they so desire. They will soon realize their efforts are futile and move on to find something else to do.

TWITTERLOGOIf you refuse to take my advice and continue to piss and moan about the sock accounts, blaming me in the process, then you will be giving them what they want. Even if the socks stay up for only a brief time, they will have gotten the attention they needed.

More and more sock accounts will appear and you will have only yourselves to blame.

troll_2If, on the other hand, you ignore them and QUIETLY  work to suspend the troll for whatever violation may have occurred, the trolls will fade away into oblivian.

trollfeed1The thing that I have time working around with is that my detractors are highly intelligent people. Some are lawyers, Engineers and others skilled professionals.

trollfeed2Because of these and other factors, it is hard for me to understand why they cannot comprehend these simple facts.

ontheairThat is unless of course……

Stay Tuned