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Just as predicted, a sock rather conveniently turned up right after the crazies said it would.

There is something rather odd, however, about how the tweets were made.

First, the account followed nobody. The account had no followers.

bhrdoSecond, by sheer “coincidence” the tweets were directed at the exact same four crazies who were going on their twitter rant only moments before the sock appeared.

The crazies made a big show of “logging off” twitter right before the sock magically appeared on THEIR twitter logs.

It is most telling, not only who was included in the tags by the sock account but also who was LEFT OUT. Neither the person in the photo was tagged nor was another rather important person let in on what the contents of the sock account were.

Now why was that? Could it be because the person left out of this little game happens to be a LAWYER and good FRIEND of the person in the photo?

Only the sock creator knows for sure.

Stay tuned