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I have been trying for years to demonstrate how easy it is to create fake content and then frame someone for saying or doing something that they did not do.

On the date of this article someone created both a Twitter account and a blog that serves as evidence of what I have been trying to prove for years.

exibit1exibit2First is the fake twitter account.

The creator of the fake twitter account did a copy and paste of several entries from 7/28/2014 and inserted them into the fake twitter account.


While the username of THIS twitter account has obvious differences when compared with my actual twitter accounts, it is easy enough for someone with the expert ability, to also change the content to make it appear that the altered content came from my actual account.

This has been done on a number of occasions by those that wanted to accuse me of actions that I had nothing to do with.

Second is the new blog that was posted.

At first glance, someone might think that it is a true copy of this article.

It is not, of course. Someone did copy the original article but also altered it. Anyone that bothers to read it will see the changes immediately.


Both the twitter account and the blog stands as evidence as to how easy it is to alter original content or create content out of thin air.

It is actions such as this that is clear cut proof that one cannot rely on what is posted on the internet. Only those who are experts in the field of computer forensics can establish what is genuine and what is not.

Stay tuned