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Monthly Archives: July 2014

ontheairThere is a certain blog that denies that it allowed the publication of information that could only have been obtained illegally.

The information included the year make and model of two motor vehicles that I had stored in a location not accessible to the general public.

In spite of this, the exact year make and model of each of these vehicles appeared on the blog along with a tag number for another vehicle.

The entry on the blog also falsely stated that I had a utility trailer in pawn.

When I confronted the blogger over this entry as well as a claim that my biological son was in fact not mine, I was blocked access to the blog and no longer able to dispute the false claims the blogger makes to this day.

timholmsethThe blogger and his minions also seem to be of the opinion that I have some kind of affiliation or alliance with one Tim Holmseth, an indy journalist from Minn.

This, of course, is not true. What I have done is question some of the accusations made against him since the actions of his accusers are highly questionable.

This does not mean that I take his side in any matter, instead, it only means that I am not making a rush to judgement of his actions based on information that is questionable at best and most likely are lies made up out of thin air.

The blogger claims that I am accessing the blog using proxies.

The question here is that why should I have to resort to using proxy accounts in order to view the false charges against me?

Why does the blogger find it necessary to hide these accusations from me?

I do not ban anyone from reading this blog so the use of proxies to read here is unnecessary. That cannot be said for the blog being discussed.

The reason I am banned from that well known cyber abuse blog is to be unable to debunk his lies, pure and simple.

Stay tuned




lakotaSome people will never learn. You would think that after being on line for more than a decade, some folks would understand the futility of becoming involved in certain causes. These poor dedicated people spend a large part of their lives getting involved in good and just causes.

bbogfThey get involved in cases of child abuse, the problems with the Veterans administration, all sorts of things. They retweet, make phone calls, find and gain the support of celebrities

montelThe problem is that all of their efforts are wasted. It is not their fault that they get so little done. It is not because they did not try. Their problem lies in the masses who simply do not care.

bigredFor every one person who cares about something or other, there are hundreds who could give a dam or at least give nothing more than a token support for whatever important issue or cause that may be of interest at the moment.

These dull masses engage in petty and wasteful actions that nobody cares anything about. Each of these dull minions try and influence many only to influence no one except a few other dull minions who are also involved in their own unimportant routines.

The ones who care do not see the futility of their efforts and this trod on not knowing that their efforts are in vein.

Such poor and utter fools they are. One almost feels sorry for them.

Stay tuned


famh1The fame whore that keeps bringing me into his life has at his disposal fans that are part of his entourage that are nothing but gullible minions that will do things on his behalf without realizing it.

The Fame Whore feigns outrage and anger that he is being attacked by his haters with all of the fake sock accounts being created while secretly thanking his entourage for creating the sock accounts in order to bolster his fame.

Now here is where the common sense part comes in. I get accused of some rather strange actions that outsiders simply cannot comprehend.

Take, for example, this constant accusation that I am jealous of the Fame Whore because of his being on a national network as a commentator on current high profile cases.

cnnNow, why would I be jealous? I am NOT an expert on the subjects discussed on these shows. I rarely pay that much attention to the latest true crime to be covered by the national media or even in the blogs.

Anyone asking me about this or that current crime would get a “I don’t know” in return since I simply am not paying attention to what is going on in the true crime area.

vets memorialThe next bit of nonsense has to do with a rock concert that took place in Jacksonville a while back. Now the question has to be why on earth would I want to attend a concert with the very people that I simply cannot stand.

The logic here escapes me. I want no association with any of those people but it is they that keep bringing me into their drama.

The answer here is that it is not common sense that dictates the actions of the Fame Whore and his entourage but is, in fact, a rather crude publicity stunt in order to garner as much attention to the Fame Whore’s supposed rise to prominence in the mainstream media.

Gaining a strong hater following is one of those tricks that is used in the entertainment industry and is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Unfortunately, the public falls for it every time.

Stay tuned


kimkThere is a saying “Any publicity good or bad, is better than no publicity.” It is common for this fact to be taught in most media based classes including journalism.

boycottrushSome media talent will sometimes even make up haters and bad publicity in order to bring attention to themselves and make themselves more important as a result.

TWITTERLOGOThe public reacts oddly to scandals. In most cases, rather then turn away from the subject of the scandal, they will actually tune into wherever the subject is to see what all the fuss is about and just who this person is.

Rush Limbaugh learned the oldest trick in the book and has used it to his advantage, pulling in millions of gullible haters to his show making him millions in the process.

It now seems that a certain fame hog has also learned this lesson as well. For quite a long time there have been a number of twitter sock accounts that have been directed at this so called rising star in the tv news talk area.

When on of these twitter sock accounts appear, he gains a lot of attention from twitter subscribers who want to see what all the fuss is about.

What is strange is that all the so called attacks on this person seems to come around the time he is scheduled to appear on tv or on an internet broadcast that is either his own or hosted by someone else.

It looks like that rather him being attacked by an outraged person on Twitter, the fame hog is actually playing with a gullible public by having fake twitter sock accounts be set up attacking him so that people will pay attention to him.

It is the oldest trick in the book and the public is falling for it.

Stay tuned


cnnThere is this strange individual and his entourage of crazed fans that seems to impart some importance in me and my little four reader blog. He goes on twitter from time to time and makes all sorts of wild claims about me and anyone who even comes close to being my friend.

The latest bit of nonsense by this little twerp is that he seems to think I am contacting a major cable network over his being a guest on one of their true crime shows.

I am, in fact, doing just the opposite. I am encouraging anyone I know to completely IGNORE him and not mention his name.

When I read his rants, I wonder if they are teaching anyone anything in their journalism classes about how things work in the real world of the media.

nielsonThe Fame hog should be happy if anyone is sending anything to the network about him regardless if it is negative or positive.

Audience input is one way networks gauge how many people are tuning into their programming and how strong the impact the programming is with the general public.

Mainstream media exists for two reasons. The first is entertainment and the second is to make money through advertizing.

Competition is strong in the media and the executives will go to great lengths to pull in every single person they can to build up their ratings in order to raise their per minute ad revenue.

The feed back that comes in from the public is used to find ways to raise their ad revenue.

Now the fame hog seems to mock anyone who would have the unmitigated gall to write to network executives to complain about him when he should be thanking those who would bother do do so in the first place.

For example I cite Rush Limbaugh who knows this simple basic fact about publicity:

boycottrush“Bad publicity is better than NO publicity.” Limbaugh even uses his haters to his advantage.

I am reminded of a few years back when I saw a number of billboards starting to appear all over the Orlando area just prior to Limbaugh being signed on to a local radio station.

They were known as the “apology” billboards. The station would apologize for Limbaugh’s stance on Gay Rights, woman’s rights, Liberals and so forth.

The truth was that there was no apology. The billboards were all part of a cleaver ad campaign that was used to suck a gullible public into tuning in his show to see what the hell all of the fuss was about.

Of course, the net result was that when Limbaugh went on the air in Orlando, thousands of outraged people called for boycotts of the station and started mass letter writing campaigns to the station in an effort to get him off the air.

To this day, the show is number one in the Orlando market and the station that carries him garners the highest ratings in the Orlando market as well.

So, my message to the fame hog is this. Rather than  mock your haters, you should thank your lucky stars you have them.

Stay Tuned



awardIn my private webcast last evening we got into a discussion about merit awards and weather or not they amount to anything. The conclusion was reached that the value of the award depends on what it is that the recipient is being awarded for.

One kind of award was singled out for discussion. This award pertains to a specific profession. The criteria of the award is what was centered upon in our debate.

award1A large number of our chat participants practice in the profession being discussed and I was surprised at the points of views that came out of that discussion.

award2What came out is that a majority of those who are in this profession do not take much stock in the awards. Some of these individuals have received the same awards so there is not the bias of not being awarded one.

It seems that there is a widespread belief that the awards are nothing more than the equivalent of a sales goal or scores reached in a sport.

In some professions, it seems that sooner or later someone will receive one of these awards simply because it is their turn to get one rather than earning it through excellence in their field.

bribeOthers feel that the awards are given out as a result of favors or politics.

Generally awards are given out for numbers of goals attained and revenue amounts and NOT based on ethics, character or moral conduct.

award3It is the latter that seems to be the bone of contention among these professionals. It seems that most of those who have won these awards lack a certain amount of moral character.

It did come out in the discussion that there is a movement among those within the profession to change the criteria for these rewards to include moral character as part of the qualifications for attaining this sort of recognition.

It would seem, therefore, that those of us on the outside of these various professions or service and goods providers need to be wary of the advertizing that includes the individual or company bragging about being the recipient of these industry or professional awards.

Things are not always what they appear to be.

Stay tuned


fft1Holly Briley seems to have come up to a solution to problem a lot of Sock accounts are having. It seems that right after a sock account is made targeting someone, the account gets suspended.

The net result is that the sock account  and all the work the creator of the sock posted gets deleted. The solution, thanks to Holly Briley aka @Hollyshere on Twitter, is to upload the images to

I understand that the process for getting things removed from Imgur is even more of a problem that getting things removed from Twitter or even getting the account suspended.

That would mean that all of you out there that create socks attacking certain people may now have a way to preserve your work.

Be sure to let Holly know your gratitude the next time you need to attack L, Or K, or whoever you have on your hit list.

Just be sure to send me a link so that I can keep track of things.

Stay tuned


fftHolly Briley has done it yet again. For some demented reason Mrs. Briley insists on having an image of me on her twitter log.

*MATERIAL THAT HAS BEEN REMOVED: *Image uploaded with Tweet: – @RadioNewzBlog He talks a
big game, but shits his durty murty britches when his talk comes back to
him #Busted

What IS interesting about the above quote is the PROFANE language she always seems to insist on using. This says a lot for the LACK of moral character she has. The SAME profane language seems to appear in a few Twitter sock accounts that have been attributed to me.


In this latest round of strange actions on the part of Mrs. Briley  she claims that an image of me came from “an authorized source.” Now, the question here is, how can an image of me be taken by someone who has NEVER MET ME?

the person who originally screen shot it “<- In this part of her statement, Holly Briley clearly admits that someone took a screen shot of the image. Now if that is the case, the image had to be from one of MY sources which indicates that the ORIGINAL site from where the screen shot was taken BELONGS TO ME.

It should
also be noted that this picture is NOT from his or his personal website
and I have full permission of the person who originally screen shot it to
use it and will prove this in private correspondence to you if needed as to
reveal the person who took this screengrab’s name publicly will result in
Mr Murtaugh harassing them as well.

Oh really? Just exactly WHERE did the ORIGINAL image come from? Link please.

This is not the first time Holly Briley has accused someone of filing false DMCA complaints.

I am sure that there are some out there that remember the so called death threat letter and the complaint against my blog that came out of that incident. I remember the e-mail exchanges Holly and I had where she wanted a copy of the complaint that was sent to me from WordPress in regards to that one.


Mrs. Briley, does not want to answer that question for all to see but insists on doing so in private.

She offers the FEEBLE excuse to cover up the fact that the image is, in fact, my property. Being the COWARD she is, Mrs. Briley insists on lying to Twitter knowing full well that there is no CRIMINAL penalty for her doing so.

The second thing that needs to be pointed out here is her obsession with me . Ask yourself this, why would Mrs Briley want a photo of me in the first place?

I am nobody famous. I am not a star, I am no one of influence and I am certainly not a public figure.

So it must be asked, why this demented interest in me? It must be remember that Holly just made amends with a woman after doing almost the same thing to her as was done to me.

Mrs. Briley’s twitter log is filled with many deleted images due to dmca complaints and these complaints are not from me.

Now. lately there have been a few fake twitter sock accounts appear and I have been blamed for them.

Rather conveniently, Holly Briley has been there to blame me for the accounts without any proof to back up her claims.

I and many others have the strong belief that Mrs Briley may well be behind the creation of many of these accounts. Her past actions demonstrate her ability to both create these kinds of accounts as well as the ability to alter images that appear on those same accounts as demonstrated by the contents of her twitter log.

Here are some links that document the years long erratic actions of Mrs Briley who inserts herself into places where she does not belong.

Those who both favor me and those who outright hate me should wonder why someone would go to the extreme measures that Mrs Briley has done to retain an image that clearly does not belong to her.

Mrs Briley knows she is in the wrong and has admitted as such to a previous image STOLEN from me.

IF Mrs Briley has an image of me that someone OTHER than me provided and she can PROVE she has permission to use that image, why do so in PRIVATE?

She will, of course, not do so because she does NOT have that permission.

What is being clearly demonstrated here is that it is Holly Briley who is the stalker, harasser, and abuser.

Rather than leave me and others alone, this attention seeking bored housewife, insists on having someone to attack. It is the only way she can keep in good standing with those other demented individuals who engage in the same activities.

It would be nice that certain individuals along with Mrs Briley would mind their own business and find a better way to utilize their time but I guess that is not to be.

Stay tuned


kllIn yet another series of false accusations against me, is a twitter rant by a number of odd individuals that occurred over the creation of more of a certain type of Twitter sock account.

kll1In the torrent of Twitter posts comes the demands that I either be arrested or Baker acted for actions for which I am NOT responsible for.

I have stated many times that I am not the person behind the socks and have demanded those making these accusations to back up their accusations with proof to no avail.

The target of this latest sock account is a prominent Florida attorney who I have said in the past on a number of occasions could find out exactly who is behind the sock accounts in short order.

Her lack of action in this matter is either A: She does not care about the Sock accounts, B: She is unwilling to risk being WRONG about her own accusations as to who is behind them or C:She knows who it is behind the socks and silently condones their creation due to the net result.

REICHSTAGThat result is that I am being damaged by something that I have nothing to do with. The propagandists are using the socks to attack me, my reputation and those few who still call me their friend.

I have lost a great many friends due to this continuing false series of accusations. There seems to be nothing I can do about it.

I have tried everything including curtailing most of my on line activities. I spend the bulk of my time watching television and playing on line games.

I have tried to ignore the trolls and had tried not writing about this subject to no avail.

The trolls will not deny themselves their entertainment and when nothing happens to spark their antics they simply make things up out of thin air as they have done for years.

I am stating here and now that I am willing to be deposed UNDER OATH regarding the creation of the sock accounts and will sign whatever release or waiver that might be  necessary for Twitter to turn over any information necessary to resolve this matter.

Since some of the trolls are of German heritage, this comparison fits.

Those who do not know of the Reichstag fire, here is a bit of a history lesson.

What is going on here is the internet version of that incident.

Stay tuned



fftSince someone seems intent on creating the various socks attacking a specific set of individuals who blame me for them yet are too lazy to screen capture and then publish the contents, I ask of you this:

Please link me in any sock you create attacking certain individuals so that I can at least see what I am being blamed for.

I suspect that the sock creator is, in fact, one or more of the targeted individuals or their supporters as an excuse to include me in their daily rants on their blog.

I am not creating the socks and it seems that the targets do not understand that there is a legal way to obtain exactly who it is that is creating them, even after the accounts are either suspended or removed.

A simple call to South Florida to their mutual friend would resolve the matter within a day or two.

ontheairSince the matter remains unresolved, it is logical to assume that the whole sock creation fiasco is nothing more than a hoax that has been created to prop up a sagging blog.

Someone must have missed the memo that I have moved on to other projects and no longer care about the haters that insist on including me in their trolling and drama.

So, with that reminder, I dare someone to prove me wrong by identifying beyond a doubt who it is creating these things.

Stay tuned