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paintAs if to prove the point of my last blog article on why the so called armchair detectives will never solve who it is behind the fake sock account, one person chimed in accusing me of using Paint to draw squares and arrows on an image I posted on twitter recently, thus inferring that I have the ability to create whatever it is in the fake twitter sock accounts.

Again, the key to determining the facts in evidence is to be certain of your facts. Right out of the starting gate this person missed by a long shot.

Another lesson in conducting a proper investigation, which obviously, this person has NOT learned, is to set aside their preconceived notions and stick to finding the facts in evidence.

awsomeIn this case I will help this poor misinformed lady out. When I make screen shots, I use an attachment to my browser, Firefox, called Awsome Screenshot. Sometimes, Awsome Screenshot screws up and I use a back up utility known as Nimbus screen capture.

nimbus1 Within the utility are pre drawn arrows, squares, circles, etc. The same is true of Awsome Screenshot.

The threshold as far as skill and know how to use either of these utilities is quite low. The options, including text inserts, circles, squares and underlines are point and shoot. Even a first grader can do it.

As for Paint, I know little about it nor do I know how to use it..yet. I do remember someone ELSE state that she uses Paint.

The misinformed lady actually did me a favor. I had no idea that Paint was on this version of windows. In doing a Google search I came to find out the darn thing is actually included in the software built into this pc.

Now I have something new to play with. Thanks to the misinformed lady for the unintended favor.

Now, back to the subject at hand.

I have been told by those in the know that one can take some of the images within those sock accounts and by reading the codec of the programming language, an expert is able to determine what was used to alter the image and that there is also some other useful information imbedded within the image that expert can extrapolate.

My suggestion for the know it all arm chair detective is to go and get a copy of Firefox, which is free and then try out the various free screen shot add ons that are available.

There are screen shot utilities available for just about every browser out there so go looking for them. They come in handy at times.

More than one utility is able to be installed and in most cases, they do not conflict with each other.

Now I am off to play around with  Paint and see how that thing works.

Feel free to throw out some more hair brained accusations. I might learn something from your screw ups.

Stay tuned