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ontheairFor those out there who may be trying to get at the truth of who is creating all of the twitter sock accounts attacking certain individuals,  I pose this question.

Who is best qualified to create the fake twitter accounts and other fake internet content that seems to be showing up quite often lately?

First is my qualifications which have been verified by many:

Education: No higher than High School. No advanced degrees.

stitruckWork history: Truck driver (retired) mostly blue collar jobs requiring minimal skills.

Real life identity: Known and verified. Extensive information on line.

Virtually no effort made to conceal my identity.

Additional information: Sole means of income is social security. Income is BELOW federal poverty index.

No real estate assets: current residence is a rental.

Now for the qualifications of Radio of

Education: At least two advanced degrees: Masters in Electrical engineering, and Masters in Mechanical engineering.

Expert in computers and computer science.

Expert in radio communications. Vast interest in ham radio which requires expert knowledge of electronic communications theory in order to obtain federal license.

Work history: Was high level consultant for ATT in the field of Telecommunications and Information technology. Currently is a self employed consultant in the same field.

Additional revenue sources: According to frequent CNN/HLN guest host, Levi Page,Radio is a wealthy individual with extensive real estate holdings in the States of Georgia and Arizona.

Additional information: Radio has demonstrated expert ability to conceal real life identity, placing an elaborate security network in place to prevent even a top Florida private detective and other wealthy individuals the ability to establish Radio’s real life identity AND Gender.

I think the answer is quite obvious.

Stay tuned