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fakeblog1For nearly a decade, a group of online spammers and trolls have attempted to frame me with a number of defamatory online posts and a series of purported private Paltalk instant messages.

My critics countered saying that what I claimed could not have been done. The problem for these critics is that someone had the brilliant idea of not only creating yet another spam blog but to also create an impersonator twitter account to accompany and promote the blog.

exibit2exibit1What the blogger and spammer does is to copy the postings from this blog as well as the postings on my twitter account and then change the wording.

exibit5The net result of their effort is that the context of the article and twitter postings are completely changed. This is exactly what was done with various spam accounts over the past decade.

Because of the spam accounts I have been falsely accused of being a Pedophile and was also accused of threatening to send a DEAD registered sex offender to women throughout the country by posting the alleged threats on my twitter account.

The impersonator blog and twitter account is clear cut proof that I DID NOT make those threats.

The spam twitter and blog is clear cut proof that none of what I have been accused of ever happened.

The truth has finally come out and the proof has been demonstrated by the same trolls that created the original content.

Stay tuned