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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Nothing angers and disgusts me more than when filthy language is aimed at an innocent offspring of someone in the midst of a dispute. I have witnessed this sort of thing in the past and I have been made aware of a recent incident.

I have been observing all parties involved in the dispute in question and I have remained neutral in my opinion regarding the dispute since it is easy for misinformation to be dispensed by any or all parties involved in such intense disputes such as the one I am watching right now.

I have never condoned the bringing into a dispute any party or family member not involved. Any dispute should be kept to within those directly involved and not include outsiders.

In the incident I am writing about, the comment attributed to someone’s offspring is especially offensive. It involves an extremely adult sex act. For someone to infer such a thing of an offspring is patently offensive and never should have occurred.

I had been giving the benefit of the doubt to the person in question but in light of the comment I can no longer do so.

Stay tuned


iprcenterI have been watching with great amusement as the biggest demonstration of hypocrisy has unfolded on twitter. There has been widespread accusations against a fairly well known profiler both on Facebook and twitter.

Out of these accusations have come a number of DMCA complaints that cover both the areas of plagiarism and copyright infringement, the latter coming from the unauthorized use of images of a child in an article on a blog.

dmca1One of the parties that is on the side of those who filed the DMCA complaints is a rather curious individual since she had several complaints filed against her by a number of people including me.

plagWhen confronted with the DMCA complaints filed by me for using images clearly belonging to me (as she admitted at least once) she filed counter complaints and then bragged when she was able to retain what was clearly not hers.

She won her battle, not due to merit or correctness, but due to the fact that I did not have the financial resources to maintain my rights to control what clearly is mine.

Those who are siding those who are in favor of the DMCA complaints against the author need to understand that some that is in your corner is guilty of the same practices.

If one is going to take a stand on the rights of copyright owners to maintain control over their intellectual property, they need to be consistent in their stance and not waiver simply because they have issues with someone and abandon their beliefs in the process.

By doing so, they expose themselves as a hypocrite, and  a shallow one at that.

Stay tuned


fhppatchIn the midst of the Ferguson Mo protests where a black man was killed by a white cop comes another incident that is alleged to have been the result of racial profiling.

The Florida Highway Patrol, along with the Volusia County Sheriff’s office pulled over a moving van being driven by a black man and his his black helper.

Both the Florida Highway Patrol and the Volusia County Deputy Sheriff Deputies searched the truck both inside and out, unloading the contents of the truck onto the shoulder of the highway.

vcsoThe officers claimed that two drug dogs “hit” on the truck and were determined to locate the drugs. According to the driver, one officer promised that he would be released as long as he turned over the drugs.

No drugs were found, even after the officers opened boxes and went through the luggage of both the moving crew and their client’s as well as the client’s furniture.

Even though the troopers and deputies promised to help the movers reload their luggage, they left when it started to rain resulting to even more damage being done to the furniture, according to the employees.

So far, not much is being said by either the Volusia County Sheriff’s department, citing that it is the FHP’s case, or by the FHP.

The ultimate victims of this incident is not the movers as much as the owners of the truckload of furniture who now have to deal with the results of the actions of Florida law enforcement.

One can only hope that a proper investigation is held and those who are responsible are made accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned


launchpixIn September, a scheduled ISS resupply mission will launch from launch complex 40 at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

issEach launch marks another step in our exploration of space. These launches also establish that NASA and the United States is still deeply involved in our ongoing quest to reach that final frontier.

Stay tuned


pizzagarbageWhen a special needs girl insisted on pizza while at school lunch, a worker granted her wish by taking a slice of pizza out of a garbage can.


This is disgusting and is most likely child abuse. One has to wonder what qualifications, if any, are required for anyone working in a school cafeteria.

There should at least training as to how to deal with children with children with special needs. No matter what solution someone came up with for the child’s insistence on having a certain kind of food, feeding her garbage is not one that should never have been considered.

Stay tuned


declarationI have noticed that in some debates on social media, some people are getting the Bill of rights and the US Constitution mixed up as to what is contained within them. You would think most of these folks would have learned about these documents when taking civics classes.

By the looks of things, many were not paying attention.

So, to clear things up let us examine, briefly what each document is and why they were created.

First, The bill of rights are actually part of the Declaration of Independence which precluded the Revolutionary war.

The bill of rights spelled out what rights the founding fathers felt this new country had when it broke away from England.

constitutionThen after the revolutionary war, a constitutional convention was formed  in 1787 to draft what is now the constitution under which we are governed.

The bill of rights was then placed in the new constitution as well but are still considered part of the Declaration of Independence.

The US constitution has been amended many times over the centuries. Within the constitution are the First amendments, which is our right to free speech and the second amendment which is our right to bear arms.

Other amendments within the constitution deals with our right to public information. Each state within this country also has within their constitutions these rights, though some are more open when it comes to public records then other states. Florida has one of most open public records laws in the country.

If someone is going to cite certain references to make their point, they might choose the correct one when doing so.

Stay tuned


murtcommentThere is a misunderstanding of my statement on Twitter regarding the disclosure of the name of the officer who shot the unarmed man in Missouri. One comment mistakenly took my comment to mean that I am against the various public records laws that are in place throughout this country.

If the individual who made that comment had been intelligent enough to follow the incidents surrounding the shooting, they would fully understand the context in which the comment was made.

ferchiefThe Ferguson incident is yet another example of trial by social media and also how many on both sides are getting their facts wrong and are rushing to judgment as a result.

Time will tell what the facts are and time will tell if the named officer will face criminal charges for the shooting or if he will be cleared. There is enough evidence out there that supports both sides. It is going to take some level heads to investigate the matter and seek the truth.

Returning to my comment for the moment. The wording should have been clear enough. I do not know of many occupations where the fear of having ones name made public due to the performance of ones duties would result in death threats and a threat to the safety of him and his family.

This is what the police officer faces today. His name is now out there. He and his family are now in personal danger. taxpayer dollars now have to be spent to protect him and his family.

I would think that there are many out there that are watching what is unfolding in Ferguson and may have second thoughts about becoming a law enforcement officer.

THAT was the point of my comment.

Stay tuned


bigredWhile not taking sides in the Steubenville rape case debate, one aspect of the events in that town confuses me. Why is a convicted rapist allowed to play on a high school football team?

Yes, I understand the arguments that went into his being convicted of rape and the arguments of those who are his supporters. The problem here is that he is a convicted REGISTERED sex offender.

Somehow this convicted rapist is allowed to returned to the same environment he was in when the alleged rape occurred.

In most states, anyone who is  a registered sex offender cannot be around minors. Since this registered sex offender is also a minor, that may explain why he is able to rejoin the football team but it still does not make sense.

One can only hope that he has learned from his mistake and will not rape someone else.

In the meantime this situation has caused the arguments between those on all sides of the Steubenville Rape Case issues to continue.

Stay tuned



firstweetI have been observing with some amusement over the past year some rather interesting comments on Twitter by some who clearly do not understand why Twitter was created and how it was used by subscribers in the beginning.

Twitter came about in 2006 after the development of Odeo, a webcasting venture failed because other services were started which made Odeo obsolete.

Twitter started out as nothing more than status posts by early subscribers. Most of the time, tweets were “I am here” “I am watching a movie” “I am with him/her.”

yodogSometimes a Tweet was a comment that about something or someone but no names were ever used. Years later, these kinds of comments would become to be known as subtweets.

There seems to be a need for some to define a certain action that had always been the norm something unique for whatever reason.

From the beginning of Twitter there had always been posts such at “John did this or that” without the use of the @username format in order not to spam the person’s account.

Now the term subtweeting was created to label this practice. As to why one would have to go back to whoever created the term in the first place.

Now, after 8 years of this kind tweeting, the term Subtweeting is used by many uninformed on Twitter to describe those of use who use Twitter in the manner for which it was created in the first place.

Twitter has undergone many changes over the years.  One of those changes was to become what it was originally intended to be. Odeo exists now in the form of  multimedia tweets where videos and images appear along with the text only posts that were the norm in the beginning.

As Twitter evolves, it is certain that someone will come up with more labels in order to complain about something that someone is doing on  a service that created a way for them to do these things in the first place.

Stay tuned


robindaughterAmong the many talents and accomplishments attributed to Robin Williams after his recent death, one more milestone may be added to his legacy.

Robin Williams may go down as the man who reformed Twitter.

What did he do? one might ask. For the answer, one must look back at the actions of some Twitter trolls immediately after his death.

Robin William’s daughter was attacked by trolls and abusers to the point where she decided to Quit Twitter for an extended period and may not come back to  the service at all.

As a result, Twitter has been forced to take another look as their policies for enforcement of their Terms of Service and change the way they deal with abuse complaints.

The victims of abuse on Twitter may soon have justice come their way as Twitter may be forced to finally do something about the deviant Trolls and abusers that thrive on their website.

Stay tuned