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stalkingthumbThere are many forms of addiction. The better known ones are drugs, alcohol and certain foods. On the internet there is an addiction is the hardest to overcome.


needleJust like the other forms of addiction, those who stalk on the internet will deny that they are, in fact,  stalking. They make up excuses for their actions.

twitteraddictFor example. A stalker addict will justify their actions by finding fault with whom they are stalking. They will find either an action or point of view to hone in on when engaging in their stalking.

When all else fails, the stalker will simply lie.

liartrollOne place that is easy to stalk on the internet is Twitter. Avoiding stalkers anywhere on the internet is a time consuming task but it is the hardest on Twitter.

Short of locking down ones account in protected mode, there is simply no way to avoid a stalker and sometimes that will not work.

googlecrawlerA persistent stalker will find other means to continue their stalking. The stalker will visit other social media sites and when that does not work, the stalker will engage in public records searches to find whatever dirt they can on their target or targets to post on twitter either on their own account or on sock accounts they create to conceal their true selves.

hate stalkchartThe stalker will find ways to make certain their target or targets know they are being stalked. They write blogs, they post personal information about their targets.

That information may be about their targets family, employers, friends or associates.

In the extreme cases of stalking, anyone who sides with the target will find themselves stalked as well.

Ignoring stalkers is not a solution. In the extreme case, it only serves as an incentive for the stalker to intensify their stalking.

twitterstalkerAn ignored stalker will take the ignoring of them as a victory and increase the degree of their stalking. It is not uncommon to see posts on twitter, file sharing sites , blogs and on image sharing sites where huge amounts of information is stored.

The stalker will offer this information to complete strangers on the various social media sites for all to see.

Trying to stop an internet stalker is an exercise in futility. A stalker’s addiction is so intense that they will employ whatever extreme measures they find necessary to continue their stalking.

twittersuspendedIf their on line account is banned, they will create another one. If they use images that rightfully belong to their target, they will lie cheat or steal relentlessly in order to posses what they know is not theirs.

On line stalkers will seek out and often find out other stalkers or those attracted to the actions of stalkers.

Group stalking is another trend that is growing on the internet. Stalkers find that there are strengths in numbers. Stalkers often have various talents that they can share with each other to make their stalking more effective.

On line stalkers suffer under the illusion that the more of them there are, the more justified their actions are and the more their actions will be justified by outsiders.

Stalkers who blog or post on social media sites such as Twitter who find they have a large number of followers often mistake those numbers for supporters of their actions or those who believe in what they post.

The truth is that most of the followers are nothing more than gawkers who are there for entertainment rather than enlightenment. Not that it would matter to the stalker.

To the stalker, it is only the attention that matters. Justification or the truth does not matter.

The stalkers are the most active liars. Stalkers will often simply make things up about their target or targets in order to justify their actions.

Another form of stalker is one who attacks their target through images. This kind of stalker is usually talented in the use of Photoshop type software.

Photoshop, Paint and other image editing software is the heroin of the internet stalker.

The stalker will often take images belonging to their target or targets and alter them into insulting or demeaning images. There is no limit to the extremes the stalker will go through to stalk their target using this method.

The resources for the on line stalker are vast and the potential for the stalker to do damage to their target is just as vast.

What is the solution to ending the stalking? Who knows? Law enforcement certainly cannot deter a persistent stalker. Ignoring the stalker will not work for the stalker sees being ignored as a victory over their target and a form of control over their target.

Complaining to the social media sites where the stalker frequents will not work. Social media websites exist for one purpose and that purpose is to make money.

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook hide behind legal protections that protect them from legal liability or any requirement to intercede and put a stop to the stalking.

imgurSome social media sites actually encourage stalking by offering locations where someone can engage in stalking with no ramifications whatsoever.

It was once thought that if there was a rash of suicides due to on line stalking, then perhaps there would be an effort made to stem on line stalking.

This has turned out to be incorrect. There have been an increasing number of suicides and other acts of violence as a result of online stalking otherwise known as bullying.

In one Florida case, the criminal charges brought against two stalkers who caused the death of a teenaged girl were dropped.

There was recently a lawsuit filed against the stalkers and a victim who had nothing to do with stalking.

cementplantThe victim is the owner of the property where the teenager jumped to her death.

noosenecklaceThe stalkers do not care if their actions may result in suicide or acts of violence. In fact, they encourage it. In some cases the stalker will wish their target dead. They will actually wish their target would commit suicide. The stalker may even resort to sending images of death, a hangman’s noose, in some cases to make their point.

The answer as to what to do with online stalkers will not be found here on this blog or in this article.

The answer as to how to eradicate the on line stalker may never be found.

Stay  tuned