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Nothing angers and disgusts me more than when filthy language is aimed at an innocent offspring of someone in the midst of a dispute. I have witnessed this sort of thing in the past and I have been made aware of a recent incident.

I have been observing all parties involved in the dispute in question and I have remained neutral in my opinion regarding the dispute since it is easy for misinformation to be dispensed by any or all parties involved in such intense disputes such as the one I am watching right now.

I have never condoned the bringing into a dispute any party or family member not involved. Any dispute should be kept to within those directly involved and not include outsiders.

In the incident I am writing about, the comment attributed to someone’s offspring is especially offensive. It involves an extremely adult sex act. For someone to infer such a thing of an offspring is patently offensive and never should have occurred.

I had been giving the benefit of the doubt to the person in question but in light of the comment I can no longer do so.

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