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declarationI have noticed that in some debates on social media, some people are getting the Bill of rights and the US Constitution mixed up as to what is contained within them. You would think most of these folks would have learned about these documents when taking civics classes.

By the looks of things, many were not paying attention.

So, to clear things up let us examine, briefly what each document is and why they were created.

First, The bill of rights are actually part of the Declaration of Independence which precluded the Revolutionary war.

The bill of rights spelled out what rights the founding fathers felt this new country had when it broke away from England.

constitutionThen after the revolutionary war, a constitutional convention was formedĀ  in 1787 to draft what is now the constitution under which we are governed.

The bill of rights was then placed in the new constitution as well but are still considered part of the Declaration of Independence.

The US constitution has been amended many times over the centuries. Within the constitution are the First amendments, which is our right to free speech and the second amendment which is our right to bear arms.

Other amendments within the constitution deals with our right to public information. Each state within this country also has within their constitutions these rights, though some are more open when it comes to public records then other states. Florida has one of most open public records laws in the country.

If someone is going to cite certain references to make their point, they might choose the correct one when doing so.

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