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dmcaimageIn all my years of being on the internet, I have never seen anyone brag so openly about being a liar and a thief. Case in point. There is this rather odd housewife that is severely addicted to stalking.

stalkingthumbThis stalker has a long history of stealing video tapes, Images and other intellectual property from people’s social media accounts and using them for her own purposes.

fftOne only has to check her twitter account to see how many times one woman filed DMCA complaints against her for this kind of theft. There are dozens of twitter postings that has the “The content has been removed at the request of the copyright owner.”

contentremovedLately, however, the stalker has gotten rather bold when it comes to reacting to DMCA complaints. Now the stalker files challenges to the DMCA swearing UNDER OATH that the person who owns the images, in fact, does not and even accuses the person of filing fraudulent DMCA complaints.

asmpSeveral photographers who have been following this saga are astonished that someone would have the gall to make such a claim.

Some stalkers are so desperate, they will go to these extremes to lie, even in a statement that could result in civil liability, if the plaintiff could afford the costs of litigation.

This brings up an interesting point. The stalker is winning the right to re post the images, not because of merit but because it costs too much for the rightful owner of the content to obtain the justice he deserves.

It is yet another example of how dishonesty and deceit rules the day rather than morality and ethics.

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