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A while back I wrote an article on how an expert with the proper tools can identify how an image is manipulated, what was used to create the original and what was used to modify the image.

Recently, a friend of mine examined an image that had been manipulated after it was stolen from one of my social media sites. Some interesting results were obtained.


In this example (top arrow) it is shown that an Olympus digital camera created the original image.

The middle arrow shows the software used to manipulate the image.

The middle arrow also shows the date the image was ALTERED. It even shows the exact time the image was altered.

The bottom arrow shows The date as well as the exact time the original image was created.

The example also provides detailed information about the camera used to create the original image as well as details of the process of altering the image.

It is possible, using a base image (an image known to be made and altered by a specific individual) to compare to other altered images to demonstrate that it is the same person who created the other images.

If these other images are in certain sock accounts, it will then be possible to demonstrate exactly who made the image, where the original image came from, the software used to create the image, the software version and other specific information to prove exactly who made the sock accounts.

So far four images have been run through this process that were on sock accounts that were targeting certain individuals. It has been proven beyond a doubt that the images all came from the same individual.

Stay tuned