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fhppatchIn the midst of the Ferguson Mo protests where a black man was killed by a white cop comes another incident that is alleged to have been the result of racial profiling.

The Florida Highway Patrol, along with the Volusia County Sheriff’s office pulled over a moving van being driven by a black man and his his black helper.

Both the Florida Highway Patrol and the Volusia County Deputy Sheriff Deputies searched the truck both inside and out, unloading the contents of the truck onto the shoulder of the highway.

vcsoThe officers claimed that two drug dogs “hit” on the truck and were determined to locate the drugs. According to the driver, one officer promised that he would be released as long as he turned over the drugs.

No drugs were found, even after the officers opened boxes and went through the luggage of both the moving crew and their client’s as well as the client’s furniture.

Even though the troopers and deputies promised to help the movers reload their luggage, they left when it started to rain resulting to even more damage being done to the furniture, according to the employees.

So far, not much is being said by either the Volusia County Sheriff’s department, citing that it is the FHP’s case, or by the FHP.

The ultimate victims of this incident is not the movers as much as the owners of the truckload of furniture who now have to deal with the results of the actions of Florida law enforcement.

One can only hope that a proper investigation is held and those who are responsible are made accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned