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iprcenterI have been watching with great amusement as the biggest demonstration of hypocrisy has unfolded on twitter. There has been widespread accusations against a fairly well known profiler both on Facebook and twitter.

Out of these accusations have come a number of DMCA complaints that cover both the areas of plagiarism and copyright infringement, the latter coming from the unauthorized use of images of a child in an article on a blog.

dmca1One of the parties that is on the side of those who filed the DMCA complaints is a rather curious individual since she had several complaints filed against her by a number of people including me.

plagWhen confronted with the DMCA complaints filed by me for using images clearly belonging to me (as she admitted at least once) she filed counter complaints and then bragged when she was able to retain what was clearly not hers.

She won her battle, not due to merit or correctness, but due to the fact that I did not have the financial resources to maintain my rights to control what clearly is mine.

Those who are siding those who are in favor of the DMCA complaints against the author need to understand that some that is in your corner is guilty of the same practices.

If one is going to take a stand on the rights of copyright owners to maintain control over their intellectual property, they need to be consistent in their stance and not waiver simply because they have issues with someone and abandon their beliefs in the process.

By doing so, they expose themselves as a hypocrite, and  a shallow one at that.

Stay tuned