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Monthly Archives: August 2014

twitterstalkerI am surprised only a little bit that it seems that the pathological liar from the state of Ohio is about to win her battle to put images of me that clearly does not belong to her back on her twitter page.

Those enablers who are gloating along with her over this supposed victory do not understand the ramifications of her so called victory.

What might appear to be a victory for the liar and those allied with her is actually a defeat and serves to vindicate me of many accusations that have been directed towards me over the years.

liartrollBy insisting to have the images that she has no right to put back on her twitter account after she has altered them, only goes to be evidence of her being a prolific cyber abuser, stalker and all around cyber bully. She has given evidence of being a thief both in the stealing of my images as well as at least one video belonging to Casey Anthony which many have accused her of selling for a substantial profit.

The images at the center of the dispute between the pathological liar and I are the latest in the mountain of evidence of abuse by her.

There are dozens of links available on Google to demonstrate the kind of deviant actions this woman and her spouse have participated in over the past 5 years and likely may be traced as far back as a decade.

fiaSeveral experts in image forensics have examined the images altered by the pathological liar and compared them to images placed on a large number of Twitter sock accounts as well as impersonator social media sites throughout the internet and found clear cut evidence that she is behind the majority of them.

imgurIt is also clear that the pathological liar is loyal to no one but herself. There is a great deal of evidence that she has targeted those who consider her their friends as well as her most ardent enemies.

pantsonfireAnyone who trusts this woman and considers her a loyal friend will find themselves being betrayed by this selfish and deviant woman.

It is therefore pointless to file any further DMCA complaints as the pathological liar will simply lie to preserve her right to abuse, stalk and bully those she targets.

yesvindicatedI can take satisfaction that because of the actions of this pathological liar, I have finally been vindicated.

Stay tuned


fiaThere is someone out there in cyber space, specifically Twitter, that has a lot to worry about. First a bit of background information for those newcomers to this blog.

For quite a long time someone has been creating some rather strange Twitter accounts. The common label for these accounts are Socks. In this case, the purpose of these Twitter socks was to conduct a smear campaign against a number of specific individuals.

twitterstalkerThe sock account creator was quite careful taking all sorts of precautions to prevent being found out. The problem was that the sock creator was not careful enough. Some mistakes were made, bad ones.

Right now the sock account creator is living in a false sense of security that I am bluffing or that I do not know what the hell I am talking about.

liartrollThe problem for the sock creator is that it is not me they have to worry about. The person they need to worry about is someone who has the resources and the finances to gather the evidence and deal with the sock creator.

All it is going to take is for that person to be motivated to use the tools at their disposal and the sock creator will have quite a lot more to worry about.

felixThe clock is ticking.

Stay tuned


A while back I wrote an article on how an expert with the proper tools can identify how an image is manipulated, what was used to create the original and what was used to modify the image.

Recently, a friend of mine examined an image that had been manipulated after it was stolen from one of my social media sites. Some interesting results were obtained.


In this example (top arrow) it is shown that an Olympus digital camera created the original image.

The middle arrow shows the software used to manipulate the image.

The middle arrow also shows the date the image was ALTERED. It even shows the exact time the image was altered.

The bottom arrow shows The date as well as the exact time the original image was created.

The example also provides detailed information about the camera used to create the original image as well as details of the process of altering the image.

It is possible, using a base image (an image known to be made and altered by a specific individual) to compare to other altered images to demonstrate that it is the same person who created the other images.

If these other images are in certain sock accounts, it will then be possible to demonstrate exactly who made the image, where the original image came from, the software used to create the image, the software version and other specific information to prove exactly who made the sock accounts.

So far four images have been run through this process that were on sock accounts that were targeting certain individuals. It has been proven beyond a doubt that the images all came from the same individual.

Stay tuned


dmcaimageIn all my years of being on the internet, I have never seen anyone brag so openly about being a liar and a thief. Case in point. There is this rather odd housewife that is severely addicted to stalking.

stalkingthumbThis stalker has a long history of stealing video tapes, Images and other intellectual property from people’s social media accounts and using them for her own purposes.

fftOne only has to check her twitter account to see how many times one woman filed DMCA complaints against her for this kind of theft. There are dozens of twitter postings that has the “The content has been removed at the request of the copyright owner.”

contentremovedLately, however, the stalker has gotten rather bold when it comes to reacting to DMCA complaints. Now the stalker files challenges to the DMCA swearing UNDER OATH that the person who owns the images, in fact, does not and even accuses the person of filing fraudulent DMCA complaints.

asmpSeveral photographers who have been following this saga are astonished that someone would have the gall to make such a claim.

Some stalkers are so desperate, they will go to these extremes to lie, even in a statement that could result in civil liability, if the plaintiff could afford the costs of litigation.

This brings up an interesting point. The stalker is winning the right to re post the images, not because of merit but because it costs too much for the rightful owner of the content to obtain the justice he deserves.

It is yet another example of how dishonesty and deceit rules the day rather than morality and ethics.

Stay tuned




stalkingthumbThere are many forms of addiction. The better known ones are drugs, alcohol and certain foods. On the internet there is an addiction is the hardest to overcome.


needleJust like the other forms of addiction, those who stalk on the internet will deny that they are, in fact,  stalking. They make up excuses for their actions.

twitteraddictFor example. A stalker addict will justify their actions by finding fault with whom they are stalking. They will find either an action or point of view to hone in on when engaging in their stalking.

When all else fails, the stalker will simply lie.

liartrollOne place that is easy to stalk on the internet is Twitter. Avoiding stalkers anywhere on the internet is a time consuming task but it is the hardest on Twitter.

Short of locking down ones account in protected mode, there is simply no way to avoid a stalker and sometimes that will not work.

googlecrawlerA persistent stalker will find other means to continue their stalking. The stalker will visit other social media sites and when that does not work, the stalker will engage in public records searches to find whatever dirt they can on their target or targets to post on twitter either on their own account or on sock accounts they create to conceal their true selves.

hate stalkchartThe stalker will find ways to make certain their target or targets know they are being stalked. They write blogs, they post personal information about their targets.

That information may be about their targets family, employers, friends or associates.

In the extreme cases of stalking, anyone who sides with the target will find themselves stalked as well.

Ignoring stalkers is not a solution. In the extreme case, it only serves as an incentive for the stalker to intensify their stalking.

twitterstalkerAn ignored stalker will take the ignoring of them as a victory and increase the degree of their stalking. It is not uncommon to see posts on twitter, file sharing sites , blogs and on image sharing sites where huge amounts of information is stored.

The stalker will offer this information to complete strangers on the various social media sites for all to see.

Trying to stop an internet stalker is an exercise in futility. A stalker’s addiction is so intense that they will employ whatever extreme measures they find necessary to continue their stalking.

twittersuspendedIf their on line account is banned, they will create another one. If they use images that rightfully belong to their target, they will lie cheat or steal relentlessly in order to posses what they know is not theirs.

On line stalkers will seek out and often find out other stalkers or those attracted to the actions of stalkers.

Group stalking is another trend that is growing on the internet. Stalkers find that there are strengths in numbers. Stalkers often have various talents that they can share with each other to make their stalking more effective.

On line stalkers suffer under the illusion that the more of them there are, the more justified their actions are and the more their actions will be justified by outsiders.

Stalkers who blog or post on social media sites such as Twitter who find they have a large number of followers often mistake those numbers for supporters of their actions or those who believe in what they post.

The truth is that most of the followers are nothing more than gawkers who are there for entertainment rather than enlightenment. Not that it would matter to the stalker.

To the stalker, it is only the attention that matters. Justification or the truth does not matter.

The stalkers are the most active liars. Stalkers will often simply make things up about their target or targets in order to justify their actions.

Another form of stalker is one who attacks their target through images. This kind of stalker is usually talented in the use of Photoshop type software.

Photoshop, Paint and other image editing software is the heroin of the internet stalker.

The stalker will often take images belonging to their target or targets and alter them into insulting or demeaning images. There is no limit to the extremes the stalker will go through to stalk their target using this method.

The resources for the on line stalker are vast and the potential for the stalker to do damage to their target is just as vast.

What is the solution to ending the stalking? Who knows? Law enforcement certainly cannot deter a persistent stalker. Ignoring the stalker will not work for the stalker sees being ignored as a victory over their target and a form of control over their target.

Complaining to the social media sites where the stalker frequents will not work. Social media websites exist for one purpose and that purpose is to make money.

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook hide behind legal protections that protect them from legal liability or any requirement to intercede and put a stop to the stalking.

imgurSome social media sites actually encourage stalking by offering locations where someone can engage in stalking with no ramifications whatsoever.

It was once thought that if there was a rash of suicides due to on line stalking, then perhaps there would be an effort made to stem on line stalking.

This has turned out to be incorrect. There have been an increasing number of suicides and other acts of violence as a result of online stalking otherwise known as bullying.

In one Florida case, the criminal charges brought against two stalkers who caused the death of a teenaged girl were dropped.

There was recently a lawsuit filed against the stalkers and a victim who had nothing to do with stalking.

cementplantThe victim is the owner of the property where the teenager jumped to her death.

noosenecklaceThe stalkers do not care if their actions may result in suicide or acts of violence. In fact, they encourage it. In some cases the stalker will wish their target dead. They will actually wish their target would commit suicide. The stalker may even resort to sending images of death, a hangman’s noose, in some cases to make their point.

The answer as to what to do with online stalkers will not be found here on this blog or in this article.

The answer as to how to eradicate the on line stalker may never be found.

Stay  tuned


dmcaimageThere have been some accusations made over the years on the internet on various social media sites. Some of these accusations have been serious and other accusations have been minor.

There have also been denials of those accusations. In a majority of the cases, the only proof offered in the denials is the word of the accused. The nature of the accusations make denials hard to back up with evidence. Thus the public is left with nothing in which to use to determine where the truth lies and where the truth does not.

There is, however, certain circumstances where past actions can determine certain truths.

There is one case that serves as a prime example of  how such a determination can be made.

Several years ago, a woman was accused of possessing a video tape belonging to another woman who is known as the most hated woman on earth.

There were accusations of the woman taking the video and selling it for a fairly large sum of money.  At the peak of her defense against these accusations the woman named another party as the source of the video tape and offered what may have been considered, by some, as a reasonable excuse for the actions taken.

Over the next year or two, some other accusations came forward and these accusations were followed by denials of the accusations. For the most part, the woman was able to defend herself against the accusation and escape any ramifications as a result.

Recently, however, some new and interesting accusations surfaced. There began to appear what is known as Twitter sock puppets. Within these sock puppets appeared some images. Similar images also began to appear on the woman’s Twitter account.

Since the images did not belong to the woman in question, DMCA complaints were lodged and Twitter took them down.

That should have been the end of it. It was not. For some odd reason, the woman chose to dispute the DMCA and filed a counter complaint stating that the person making the complaint did not have the right to do so.

This counter claim was made even though the woman clearly knew that the image was clearly the property of the person who filed the DMCA.

She lied.

The woman lied because she knew that the only way to remedy the situation would be for the legitimate owner to  go through an expensive court proceeding to force Twitter to abide by their terms of service and deal with the woman.

The incident points out one important fact to considered. The woman lied in her DMCA counter complaint and did so after taking an oath to tell the truth.

If this woman is so willing to lie about something so important as a DMCA counter claim, what else is she willing to lie about.

Perhaps she lied about that Video and about knowing the person who appeared in it.

Perhaps she lied about not being responsible for those sock accounts that targeted a media personality, a lawyer and others.

Perhaps she lied about many other things that people have not caught onto yet.

When one considers who lied and did not lie, one must consider current and past actions when deciding where the truth lies and where it does not..

Stay tuned


vindicatedFor quite a number of months a few people on Twitter have been accusing me of making twitter posts targeting a South Florida attorney and a male friend.

I have denied these accusations to no avail. Tonight one prominent blogger and client of the attorney in question finally admitted that I had not been attacking the attorney or an individual known as “Rocket.”

This may be a first step of many to getting people to admit that all the accusations that have been made against me are false.

This vindication is but one of, what I hope will be many.

UPDATE: The blogger, realizing he made a Freudian slip is attempting to correct what he admitted to in his twitter post. The problem is that the Blogger and others have made the same accusation on their twitter accounts AND on their  blogs. The record is quite clear that I was accused  by these individuals of making sock accounts targeting  a number of people. The admission this evening that two of the more prominent members of their inner circle were the subject of socks that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH is quite clear.

Someday  the blogger and the members of his group will finally realize it is time to come clean and admit that all the accusations made against me for the past several years are false and defamatory.


Stay tuned