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twitterstalkerI am surprised only a little bit that it seems that the pathological liar from the state of Ohio is about to win her battle to put images of me that clearly does not belong to her back on her twitter page.

Those enablers who are gloating along with her over this supposed victory do not understand the ramifications of her so called victory.

What might appear to be a victory for the liar and those allied with her is actually a defeat and serves to vindicate me of many accusations that have been directed towards me over the years.

liartrollBy insisting to have the images that she has no right to put back on her twitter account after she has altered them, only goes to be evidence of her being a prolific cyber abuser, stalker and all around cyber bully. She has given evidence of being a thief both in the stealing of my images as well as at least one video belonging to Casey Anthony which many have accused her of selling for a substantial profit.

The images at the center of the dispute between the pathological liar and I are the latest in the mountain of evidence of abuse by her.

There are dozens of links available on Google to demonstrate the kind of deviant actions this woman and her spouse have participated in over the past 5 years and likely may be traced as far back as a decade.

fiaSeveral experts in image forensics have examined the images altered by the pathological liar and compared them to images placed on a large number of Twitter sock accounts as well as impersonator social media sites throughout the internet and found clear cut evidence that she is behind the majority of them.

imgurIt is also clear that the pathological liar is loyal to no one but herself. There is a great deal of evidence that she has targeted those who consider her their friends as well as her most ardent enemies.

pantsonfireAnyone who trusts this woman and considers her a loyal friend will find themselves being betrayed by this selfish and deviant woman.

It is therefore pointless to file any further DMCA complaints as the pathological liar will simply lie to preserve her right to abuse, stalk and bully those she targets.

yesvindicatedI can take satisfaction that because of the actions of this pathological liar, I have finally been vindicated.

Stay tuned