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bigredWhile not taking sides in the Steubenville rape case debate, one aspect of the events in that town confuses me. Why is a convicted rapist allowed to play on a high school football team?

Yes, I understand the arguments that went into his being convicted of rape and the arguments of those who are his supporters. The problem here is that he is a convicted REGISTERED sex offender.

Somehow this convicted rapist is allowed to returned to the same environment he was in when the alleged rape occurred.

In most states, anyone who is  a registered sex offender cannot be around minors. Since this registered sex offender is also a minor, that may explain why he is able to rejoin the football team but it still does not make sense.

One can only hope that he has learned from his mistake and will not rape someone else.

In the meantime this situation has caused the arguments between those on all sides of the Steubenville Rape Case issues to continue.

Stay tuned