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firstweetI have been observing with some amusement over the past year some rather interesting comments on Twitter by some who clearly do not understand why Twitter was created and how it was used by subscribers in the beginning.

Twitter came about in 2006 after the development of Odeo, a webcasting venture failed because other services were started which made Odeo obsolete.

Twitter started out as nothing more than status posts by early subscribers. Most of the time, tweets were “I am here” “I am watching a movie” “I am with him/her.”

yodogSometimes a Tweet was a comment that about something or someone but no names were ever used. Years later, these kinds of comments would become to be known as subtweets.

There seems to be a need for some to define a certain action that had always been the norm something unique for whatever reason.

From the beginning of Twitter there had always been posts such at “John did this or that” without the use of the @username format in order not to spam the person’s account.

Now the term subtweeting was created to label this practice. As to why one would have to go back to whoever created the term in the first place.

Now, after 8 years of this kind tweeting, the term Subtweeting is used by many uninformed on Twitter to describe those of use who use Twitter in the manner for which it was created in the first place.

Twitter has undergone many changes over the years.  One of those changes was to become what it was originally intended to be. Odeo exists now in the form of  multimedia tweets where videos and images appear along with the text only posts that were the norm in the beginning.

As Twitter evolves, it is certain that someone will come up with more labels in order to complain about something that someone is doing on  a service that created a way for them to do these things in the first place.

Stay tuned