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vindicatedFor quite a number of months a few people on Twitter have been accusing me of making twitter posts targeting a South Florida attorney and a male friend.

I have denied these accusations to no avail. Tonight one prominent blogger and client of the attorney in question finally admitted that I had not been attacking the attorney or an individual known as “Rocket.”

This may be a first step of many to getting people to admit that all the accusations that have been made against me are false.

This vindication is but one of, what I hope will be many.

UPDATE: The blogger, realizing he made a Freudian slip is attempting to correct what he admitted to in his twitter post. The problem is that the Blogger and others have made the same accusation on their twitter accounts AND on their  blogs. The record is quite clear that I was accused  by these individuals of making sock accounts targeting  a number of people. The admission this evening that two of the more prominent members of their inner circle were the subject of socks that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH is quite clear.

Someday  the blogger and the members of his group will finally realize it is time to come clean and admit that all the accusations made against me for the past several years are false and defamatory.


Stay tuned