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fiaThere is someone out there in cyber space, specifically Twitter, that has a lot to worry about. First a bit of background information for those newcomers to this blog.

For quite a long time someone has been creating some rather strange Twitter accounts. The common label for these accounts are Socks. In this case, the purpose of these Twitter socks was to conduct a smear campaign against a number of specific individuals.

twitterstalkerThe sock account creator was quite careful taking all sorts of precautions to prevent being found out. The problem was that the sock creator was not careful enough. Some mistakes were made, bad ones.

Right now the sock account creator is living in a false sense of security that I am bluffing or that I do not know what the hell I am talking about.

liartrollThe problem for the sock creator is that it is not me they have to worry about. The person they need to worry about is someone who has the resources and the finances to gather the evidence and deal with the sock creator.

All it is going to take is for that person to be motivated to use the tools at their disposal and the sock creator will have quite a lot more to worry about.

felixThe clock is ticking.

Stay tuned