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Monthly Archives: September 2014

saynothingThe best advice anyone can give you is do not care. Do not get involved. Ignore the world’s problems. Ignore the calls to find the missing. Ignore the calls to fight domestic abuse. Ignore the calls to fight the evil, the oppression that is all around us.

seenothingIgnore the calls to fight the scourge of cyber abuse and bullying. Say to yourself “fuck it, it is not my problem. It is two damn bad.”

It is best to be complacent. It is best not to care.

It is safer that way.


rocketfist.jpgI had been told of a certain set of twitter posts sent to me by the alleged boyfriend of a Florida lawyer. I had dismissed the posts as a hoax since I had not seen them.

rocketprotected.jpg The account the poster is alleged to own is protected and I am unable to access it.

As it turns out, someone had seen the posts and had made screen a screen shot of them. I find the content of the message sent to me rather interesting.

A bit of background here. The individual who made the posts is alleged to have a violent temper. He is also alleged to have a great deal of physical strength and is around half my age. I have been told that he has to manage his anger issues through medication.

victimIn the past, there were those on twitter who claimed this person engaged in domestic violence and also smashed a cellphone in anger.

smashedphoneThere were also counter claims that the account was, in fact, a hoax. It was said that the person is being impersonated.

At this point it does not matter.

What does matter is that people think these threats are amusing.

They think these threats are a laughing matter.

Will it be a laughing matter if someone winds up dead?

floridastandgroundThe postings can be construed as a threat of violence. If the person being targeted with these threats feels that their life is in danger or there is a hint of physical injury, it is quite logical that the person targeted would have the right to use the “stand your ground” defense in the event he was confronted by the above individual.

What is going on here is not a joke.

It is not funny.

This is serious business.

The intensity of the threats is reaching a point where responsible parties need to step in and attempt to instruct those involved in certain actions to think long and hard about what they are doing and what the ramifications of their actions might be.


Under Florida law, I am allowed to use whatever legal means to protect my safety and property.

To the individual who made the above posts and those who have influence with that person,

govern yourselves accordingly.

Stay tuned


levispamIt comes as a bit of a surprise that someone who, in the past has advocated free speech and another person who is supposed to be a journalist would partake in an effort to deny someone their free speech rights.

It is also a bit of a surprise that these individuals would resort to filing false reports in their efforts to do so.

The image says it all. Both of the individuals whose names appear in the image are blocked from my Twitter account. 

A number of years back, Michelle McKee presented herself as a strong advocate of free speech when her best friend Alexandra Goddard aka @Prinniedidit was sued by a teenager for the alleged accusation of the plaintiff in the suit of being the ringleader of a gang rape that occurred in Steubenville, Ohio.

McKee strongly condemned the lawsuit and claimed it was a SLAPP campaign against Ms Goddard’s free speech rights.

It seems, however, that Ms McKee’s free speech advocacy is restricted to those with ONLY whom she AGREES with and NOT to anyone who has speech with which she DISAGREES with.

constitutionMr. Levi page is another interesting case simply because he is a journalist. One would think that a student of journalism and one who has been deeply involved with the media would advocate an action that would impede an American’s right to free speech.

It seems that Mr Page’s advocating of free speech stops when it is someone that is either critical of his actions on the internet or with whom he has a personal disagreement.

Are journalism colleges teaching their students that free speech only applies to that speech you agree with or with free speech coming from THOSE you like? Are these universities teaching that if you have a problem with someone you disagree with, it is ok to lie?

It certainly seems that way.

I would suggest to those who follow the twitter accounts in question ask yourselves why these people, who are blocked from reading ALL of my Twitter accounts, would engage in this unethical behavior.

The answer may be that a close investigation of these individuals by the mainstream media is in order.

Stay tuned



ontheairWhat has to clearly be the dumbest blogger on the internet is demonstrating its complete lack of common sense as it comes back from its self imposed silence that lasted around a month. The blogger and its brainwashed followers are convinced that “I have the hots” for an equally brainwashed lawyer from South Florida.

It is time, once again, to try and instill some common sense  were it clearly is lacking.

I do so with a few questions:

fbarFirst: Why on earth would I be interested in a lawyer who I have personally told that I consider her a disgrace to her profession?

Now that would be an interesting way to win over a woman, don’t you think?

beachbullySecond: Why would I be interested in a woman whose boyfriend has threatened to beat the living crap out of someone who he felt was “making moves” on the woman he considered his possession?

At sixty something years old, I am not exactly in shape to get into a brawl with a dude half my age who works out in a gym and looks like someone not to be messed with.

smashedphoneI certainly would not want to mess with someone who claimed to have made ground beef out of a cell phone and who has been accused of having an extremely bad temper and is prone to violence.

victimWhile this has been professed to be a hoax, it is wise to remember WHO it was that made the accusations as to the above and other claims of domestic violence.

vmaNext we have the insane accusation that I had a fit over not being invited to an Eagles Concert in Jacksonville this past summer that coincided with a press/legal roundtable being held up there.

scalesjusticeAgain, these scrambled egg trolls have thrown common sense out the window. First of all, why would I want to attend a function with someone I had made my strong feelings known in regards to her profession?

cnnWhy would I want to be around someone I consider a perverted troll and cyber abuser of the most extreme nature?

And why would I want to be anywhere near someone who has been accused of killing  cell phones and threatens violence against anyone he has issues with?

One other interesting question. Why on earth would I even think that I would have the remotest chance of winning the affections of a woman who is professed to be wealthy with a mansion in South Florida?

DAVYSTHOUSEAccording to my haters, I am an uneducated retired truck driver, living in an old mobile home. I am hardly the catch that either her current boyfriend is or even the pervert that keeps attacking me under his own and sock account names.

stitruckThe answers to all of this is that there is no common sense involved in any of the blogger’s and followers rantings. The rants are for attention that they seek. There is no constructive purpose for what they do.

fftThese kind of people are a waste of bandwidth. They single out someone as a target for their useless purposes.

Look at who they target. A sixty something truck driver who spends the bulk of his time watching tv and playing on line games on Facebook.

My blog is  extremely small. Perhaps 10 people at most read the thing and half of the readers are doing so at the behest of the blogger.

I do not operate a public webcast or chat at the moment.

I certainly am not a guest panelist on any media source be it major or minor.

In short I am but one of millions  who spend various amounts of time on different social media sites.

I am not famous and I certainly am not important.

This leads to that all important question: Why me?

One answer seems to be for entertainment, or for the lulz.

There is one less obvious answer that may be the correct answer.


haleighThe final question is, diversion from what?

Stay tuned


victimI have recently learned that one of the more serious situations that involved domestic abuse and violence has apparently turned out to be an elaborate hoax. Some of those who participated in the hoax are well known anti domestic abuse and domestic violence advocates.

This admission that a mockery was made of domestic violence comes about when NFL football players and other athletes are coming under fire for beating their wives, partners and children as well as engaging in various acts of domestic violence and abuse.

The hoax in question involved a couple where were alleged to be having problems due to the severe jealousy of the woman’s boyfriend being jealous of a close friend of the woman. The mere mention of the friend was supposed to send the boyfriend into a fit of rage.

The story went that the boyfriend has a short temper and since he is young and athletic, he would be capable of inflicting severe injury upon anyone he targeted.

smashedphoneOne claim was made that the boyfriend thought he caught the woman talking to her friend when she was actually talking to someone else. The net result was a fight of some sort and the destruction of a cell phone.

The accounts of these events were told to a mutual friend (or so it was thought) of the two individuals. This so called friend attempted to mediate the situation and calm down the short tempered male.

If recent disclosures are true, it turns out that the whole thing was a big joke meant to be played out against the person trying to prevent an act of violence between two people he thought were friends.

As the story of this elaborate hoax spreads throughout the social media spectrum and on into the internet, it makes people have serious doubts about the accusations of domestic violence they read and hear about on the internet as well as through the mainstream media.

When elaborate hoaxes like these are exposed, how is the general public supposed to tell the difference between a joke and the real thing?

The answer is that the public cannot discern between what is true and what is not. The public, thus, tends to be turned off by the stories of domestic violence and move on to other issues worth their time and attention.

As the plight of those who are the victims of domestic violence and abuse are ignored, it is they who are the ultimate victims.

Stay tuned




happyturdTwitter does not suspend account holders for calling other people names. If Twitter were to suspend everyone who engaged in name calling on their service, they would cease to exist.

I therefore find it hilarious that there is a woman currently reaming out Twitter because she thinks an account was suspended for calling someone a turd.


Yes, really.

What makes this even funnier is that the woman making the rants presents herself as a skilled analyst who has connections with the FBI and members of congress. This same woman brags about her fact finding skills and vast sphere of knowledge of many different topics.

It seems, however, judging by her current actions, that she padded her resume more than just a little bit.

It does make for a fun afternoon watching this woman make a complete and utter fool of herself.

Stay tuned


FBI MAITLANDThe twitter postings by a certain group of perverts have been real interesting lately. They all seem to have a collective burr up their asses over images that I post there from time to time. Considering a few facts that I proffer here, some might find their perversion rather odd.

ftlaudThere are around 300 million plus active accounts on twitter. This, of course, does not take into account those perverts that create twitter accounts and then take them back down.

exe6There are an average of 500 million twitter posts made daily and roughly 70 percent of these posts contain some kind of image.

IMG_0810I am a retired truck driver that posts images of people places and things on twitter from time to time. 

CNNATLA majority of the posts are of images with no comment as to what they are of and why there were posted.

IMG_0489It is interesting, to say the least, that these perverts are so riled up over the images posted by this retired truck driver.

vets memorialAnother amusing thing about all of this perverted attention paid to images is that they use them as evidence to prove or disprove certain facts.

IMG_0588One hypocritical part of this nonsensical debate over images is that the ring leader of this group of perverts has never, in the years he has been on twitter, posted what could be a personal photo created by that person. Virtually every image posted on that person’s twitter accounts have been “borrowed” from the internet. 

IMG_0557Even a lawyer (Florida, naturally, enough said) seems to have joined in with the perverts childish nonsense by posting a couple of images she claims are hers.

foursquare1She even claims that someone on Foursquare was “busted” for posting “borrowed or faked” images on there.

Busted on Foursquare? Are you kidding me?

scalesjusticeAre people now consulting lawyers over images left on twitter (or Foursquare) with no comments added?

Have things become that whacked out?

It certainly seems that way.

Stay tuned



exe6The perverts who create sock accounts to troll people on Twitter have found away to get around getting suspended for violating Twitter terms of service.

The pervert will create a Twitter account and troll their targets. After a while, the pervert will close their account making it impossible for the target to report them for their stalking and violation of Twitter rules.

This is a new twist to the perverts who makes posts and then delete them once their targets have seen the posts.

These perverted trolls are also making these sock accounts to attack both their friends and enemies.

These people obviously have severe personality and mental issues.

It is too bad that a certain attorney is brainwashed into accusing the wrong person for creating the socks attacking her and her friends and thus do something about this queer behavior.

There is, of course, the likely hood that the attorney knows of this activity and condones it.

She is, after all, an attorney, enough said.

Stay tuned



mcgiIn prior articles on this blog, I pointed that there are one or more individuals on Twitter and the internet who, if they looked hard enough, could find the truth behind who created certain Twitter Sock account and who also has been stealing images from Facebook and elsewhere to use for their dishonest purposes.

Recently, someone has done just that, coming across an app that track activity within Facebook that reveals the electronic signature of anyone copying images and other material off of a person’s Facebook page.

With this “electronic signature” it is then possible for someone with the proper technical background to find out exactly who it is behind all of the numbers.

The numbers that are within the above linked blog article are also within my account and a number of others. A fraud has been proven and now it is up to those who are being presented with the truth to accept that truth.

Do they have the courage to accept the truth? I have my doubts.

Time will tell

Stay Tuned



exesockThe latest sock may have given herself away as to who she is, or at the very least, her occupation. In the twitter log of the latest “Executioner” twitter account, the fifth one created with this username, if I am not mistaken, contained some interesting content.

That content was very specific cites of legal references. This is the kind of post one would expect from someone who is an officer of the court.

An officer of the court that is likely a lawyer.

fbarNow, who do we know on twitter who is a lawyer?

Stay tuned