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levispamIt comes as a bit of a surprise that someone who, in the past has advocated free speech and another person who is supposed to be a journalist would partake in an effort to deny someone their free speech rights.

It is also a bit of a surprise that these individuals would resort to filing false reports in their efforts to do so.

The image says it all. Both of the individuals whose names appear in the image are blocked from my Twitter account. 

A number of years back, Michelle McKee presented herself as a strong advocate of free speech when her best friend Alexandra Goddard aka @Prinniedidit was sued by a teenager for the alleged accusation of the plaintiff in the suit of being the ringleader of a gang rape that occurred in Steubenville, Ohio.

McKee strongly condemned the lawsuit and claimed it was a SLAPP campaign against Ms Goddard’s free speech rights.

It seems, however, that Ms McKee’s free speech advocacy is restricted to those with ONLY whom she AGREES with and NOT to anyone who has speech with which she DISAGREES with.

constitutionMr. Levi page is another interesting case simply because he is a journalist. One would think that a student of journalism and one who has been deeply involved with the media would advocate an action that would impede an American’s right to free speech.

It seems that Mr Page’s advocating of free speech stops when it is someone that is either critical of his actions on the internet or with whom he has a personal disagreement.

Are journalism colleges teaching their students that free speech only applies to that speech you agree with or with free speech coming from THOSE you like? Are these universities teaching that if you have a problem with someone you disagree with, it is ok to lie?

It certainly seems that way.

I would suggest to those who follow the twitter accounts in question ask yourselves why these people, who are blocked from reading ALL of my Twitter accounts, would engage in this unethical behavior.

The answer may be that a close investigation of these individuals by the mainstream media is in order.

Stay tuned