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rocketfist.jpgI had been told of a certain set of twitter posts sent to me by the alleged boyfriend of a Florida lawyer. I had dismissed the posts as a hoax since I had not seen them.

rocketprotected.jpg The account the poster is alleged to own is protected and I am unable to access it.

As it turns out, someone had seen the posts and had made screen a screen shot of them. I find the content of the message sent to me rather interesting.

A bit of background here. The individual who made the posts is alleged to have a violent temper. He is also alleged to have a great deal of physical strength and is around half my age. I have been told that he has to manage his anger issues through medication.

victimIn the past, there were those on twitter who claimed this person engaged in domestic violence and also smashed a cellphone in anger.

smashedphoneThere were also counter claims that the account was, in fact, a hoax. It was said that the person is being impersonated.

At this point it does not matter.

What does matter is that people think these threats are amusing.

They think these threats are a laughing matter.

Will it be a laughing matter if someone winds up dead?

floridastandgroundThe postings can be construed as a threat of violence. If the person being targeted with these threats feels that their life is in danger or there is a hint of physical injury, it is quite logical that the person targeted would have the right to use the “stand your ground” defense in the event he was confronted by the above individual.

What is going on here is not a joke.

It is not funny.

This is serious business.

The intensity of the threats is reaching a point where responsible parties need to step in and attempt to instruct those involved in certain actions to think long and hard about what they are doing and what the ramifications of their actions might be.


Under Florida law, I am allowed to use whatever legal means to protect my safety and property.

To the individual who made the above posts and those who have influence with that person,

govern yourselves accordingly.

Stay tuned