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victimI have recently learned that one of the more serious situations that involved domestic abuse and violence has apparently turned out to be an elaborate hoax. Some of those who participated in the hoax are well known anti domestic abuse and domestic violence advocates.

This admission that a mockery was made of domestic violence comes about when NFL football players and other athletes are coming under fire for beating their wives, partners and children as well as engaging in various acts of domestic violence and abuse.

The hoax in question involved a couple where were alleged to be having problems due to the severe jealousy of the woman’s boyfriend being jealous of a close friend of the woman. The mere mention of the friend was supposed to send the boyfriend into a fit of rage.

The story went that the boyfriend has a short temper and since he is young and athletic, he would be capable of inflicting severe injury upon anyone he targeted.

smashedphoneOne claim was made that the boyfriend thought he caught the woman talking to her friend when she was actually talking to someone else. The net result was a fight of some sort and the destruction of a cell phone.

The accounts of these events were told to a mutual friend (or so it was thought) of the two individuals. This so called friend attempted to mediate the situation and calm down the short tempered male.

If recent disclosures are true, it turns out that the whole thing was a big joke meant to be played out against the person trying to prevent an act of violence between two people he thought were friends.

As the story of this elaborate hoax spreads throughout the social media spectrum and on into the internet, it makes people have serious doubts about the accusations of domestic violence they read and hear about on the internet as well as through the mainstream media.

When elaborate hoaxes like these are exposed, how is the general public supposed to tell the difference between a joke and the real thing?

The answer is that the public cannot discern between what is true and what is not. The public, thus, tends to be turned off by the stories of domestic violence and move on to other issues worth their time and attention.

As the plight of those who are the victims of domestic violence and abuse are ignored, it is they who are the ultimate victims.

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