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Monthly Archives: September 2014

newmediaphoneOver 15 years ago, an alternative to the main stream corporate owned propagandists emerged. It was soon called new media. New Media consisted of Blogs, Forums, chats, streams and various websites run by individuals rather than by big mega corporate news and broadcast conglomerates.

newmedia1These various alternative news and information internet sites held the promise of an interactive participation between the subscribers, followers and the owners, operators and authors of the various social media sites.

The various new media sites were able to fulfill a need the mainstream cannot or would not because of their need for an audience of thousands or millions and the need to make big profits for their shareholders.

newmedia2New Media has given a voice to the millions who felt left out. They were now free to voice their concerns and share their beliefs and interests with others.

Impassioned debate has flourished. New and deep friendships have been forged. Information has been shared and horizons have been expanded.

Unfortunately, all of what has been achieved is in danger of being undone.


The main cause is the widespread and intense disputes that have cropped up all over the new media spectrum. Rather than work out their differences, the parties in these disputes have engaged in name calling and personal attacks.

Various parody and sock accounts have sprung up on the internet where the parties engage in cruel personal attacks.

Doxing sites are published making public sensitive personal information on individual and even their children, friends and families.

Rather than having the goal of settling whatever difference the various parties have, the parties involved, instead, engage in battles to see how effectively they can demean and humiliate each other.

Those of the general public who originally saw the promise of new media are now viewing the goings on with disgust and disdain. The public has become turned off. The public is turning away from new media and going back to the mainstream media where at least the operators there act like adults and professionally.

We in the new media spectrum have become our own worst enemy. If we do not clean up our act, we will become a long forgotten footnote in internet history.

Stay tuned


ontheairThe actions of some social media trolls, one of which, is a Florida lawyer are astonishing as well as clear proof that they hold a double standard when it comes to certain actions and issues.

Thus I make a few points here to help anyone reading this understand the situation.

First, there have been a number of people who do not like me and what I say or do on the internet which does not bother me since, in life, not everyone is going to agree with you or like you.

Since the people have twitter accounts, I went ahead and blocked them. I have also told them to mind their own business and leave me alone.

They, of course, did not heed my wishes and went through the extra efforts necessary to bypass my twitter blocks.

They not only read my postings on my blog and Twitter, they also comment on everything I say or do. They post comments about my friends and my family as well as stalk their accounts . They copy images from my friends and families accounts and probe various sites to gather personal information on all of them.

One of the trolls takes images that clearly belong to me and modifies them in a disparaging manner.

I am not the only one they are doing this to, of course, since quite a number of people have been subjected to the same abuse.

They, on the other hand, will scream bloody murder if someone does what they do to them. In other words they complain when others play BY THEIR RULES AND USE THEIR SAME METHODS.

One prime example of this double standard is the complaint by one troll over people trying to guess who the person or persons identity is behind a username that is used on both a blog and on Twitter.

The owner(s) of the accounts in question have gone through great lengths to protect their identity and scold and mock anyone who tries to guess who they might be.

That does not stop the account owner(s) and allies  from trying to find out the identities of other anonymous account holders and “guessing” who they might be.

The double standard here is that this group of stalkers maintain the right of people to have their secret usernames on line but criticize those who do so.

The next problem is one deviant troll who is obsessed in keeping images that she clearly has no right to have on her twitter account.

As I mentioned before there is this one deviant troll who is obsessed with the internet content of mine and my family. This deviant troll has taken images that I own, including one that I have used on the internet and for personal identification and modified them.

When I filed several DMCA complaints with Twitter, the woman had the audacity to file a counter claim saying that I was lying when I claimed that the images that I took of myself or family were not mine.

In other words, she lied.

As an excuse, she claimed that she KNEW the images were my property but that I had to PROVE they were mine by going through the expensive process of getting a court order to require Twitter to remove them.

This is a double standard on her part for a couple of reasons. First, she has a LOT of DMCA complaints lodged against her. In those cases when the content was removed, she did not file the counter claims. I am the ONLY person to have had the counter claims filed against the.

Another incident shows a clear cut double standard. There is an ongoing debate on Twitter in regards to a woman who claims to be a profiler and publishes a blog as well as operates a youtube website.

The women has been accused of using images belonging to someone else and plagiarism. Rather than argue the woman’s “freedom of expression” as she did in the case of my images, she, instead, has joined the chorus of criticism against the woman for doing the exact same thing she did.

Now for the reason this blog article is being written,

Over the last labor day weekend, I took a trip to Atlanta. Thousands of people took trips over the weekend either on mini vacations or to visit friends and family. Thus, it should have been of no concern to anyone since this has not been my first trip to Atlanta nor will it be the last.

It certainly got the attention of my trolls and stalkers.

While on my little jaunt, I posted photos as is my habit from time to time. I did so without making any comments accompanying the photos. Most were of an airport terminal and buildings.

Needless to say, this created quite a firestorm. The first reaction was from a troll ordering me to “quit lying” in response to an image I had posted, again, without comment.

Later on, the lawyer troll chimed in, bragging that she had found that the image along with others, were screen captures from live webcams throughout the greater Atlanta area.

The lawyer, however, has yet to explain the images taken from a Farris wheel and a shuttle train. I did not know that MARTA put webcams on their trains that got broadcast over the internet.

The lawyer also claimed in her posts to have also been in Atlanta but has not, as of this writing, provided any proof that she, was, in fact in Atlanta on that date. No selfies, photos of the unique venue there.

There is another point when it comes to images.

For years, one deviant troll who has both a blog and twitter account has claimed to have  lived in Atlanta for years and has attended an event that is held in Atlanta every labor day weekend.

In all of these years, this person has not posted one image, video or other content that has NOT been borrowed off of the internet. There has been no “selfies” or other posts of a personal nature. The person has also not even posted any unique images of the event in Atlanta nor any other unique images of anything, anyplace or anyone.

One interesting incident that caught my attention was the purported “meeting” of the blogger, one of the trolls and the lawyer.

A number of posts were made indicating that the three of them were together in Atlanta at the same time I was.

The odd thing is that the lawyer has stated on several occasions to have never met the person and did not know who he/she was.

The person once posted on his/her social media accounts that the lawyer did NOT know her identity and they had never personally met.

Now, I would expect that some excuse will come from these folks but it is a clear indication to me that these people have proven themselves to be outright liars.

The last point in this little saga has to do with the lawyer. For years this lawyer has protested those who “barge” into her personal life. She has railed against one person in  particular.

Several times, she has indicated that she does not care about nor takes part in the various antics on Twitter. She claims to be interested mainly in her law practice and not with the games on Twitter.

Her actions on Twitter over the past week clearly proves that the opposite is true.

If you cannot trust a lawyer, who can you trust?

Stay tuned


theshadowI am wondering if someone made a Freudian slip last evening. Perhaps I should have named the Puppet Master, The shadow instead since their methods are one and the same.

I think I will stick with the Puppet Master since it more accurately describes the person I am discussing at present and how its actions are relevant to some important incidents that have occurred over the past decade or so.

For those who may be wondering who or what the shadow is, let me digress and explain this character.

cloudAbout 70 years ago, Orson Welles created the above character from a collection of old detective novels.

The Shadow was something of a superhero that had the ability to “hypnotize” men to make the shadow appear invisible.

Someone who may well be my Puppet master character may have made a Freudian slip by “confessing” to being able to manipulate people into bending to her will.

Only the shadow knows.

Stay tuned


puppetmaster1It is time, folks, to put on our tin hats and waste a bit of bandwidth. Perhaps, however, the tin hat may turn out not to be a tin hat and the waste of bandwidth will not be a waste after all.

tinhatLet us first probe the reason for the donning of the tin hats. Something about certain events over the 2014 Labor Day weekend got me to thinking and as a result to choose to don a tin hat and explore some wild theories that some have explored over the years.

There have been some, let us say, rather peculiar events occurring for almost a decade. Over the last decade, a number of people on the internet, as well as off the internet, have been trying to probe these events and attempt to seek out the answer to a number of questions.

I do not propose to claim to have the answers to these questions but instead will spread out the opinions of those probing certain events as well as the actions of certain individuals and offer my own tin hat theories and opinions regarding them.

To start things off, I choose to explore the role of someone I have labeled The Puppet Master. In the past, I have offered my opinion as to who the puppet master might be. Clearly, I do not have the resources to investigate, on my own, those whom I feel qualify to be this mysterious person. I can only provide my side of the argument based on what I have seen, heard and read over the past decade.

I thus offer a profile of who I feel this person might be and yes, it is one person.

First of all the puppet master is a person of means. By that, I mean that the person is wealthy.

Second, the person is highly organized and possesses a wide spectrum of knowledge in a large number of areas. A well versed knowledge of technology is likely as well as the ability to quickly “read” people both personally and remotely.

The person is likely in a profession or is associated with like minded people in certain professions in order to be able to accomplish certain elaborate goals.

The person also has the ability to persuade people to do things they would normally not do and to be able to keep a tight reign on those under the person’s control.

The person will also be well networked with a lot of useful associates and also is someone who thinks in the long term and short term when setting goals.

Next and most important, this person is highly respected and admired by those who know this person and by those who the person directly interacts with.

The deeply evil and true nature of this person is well hidden, even from their closest associates and perhaps even from their family.

This is but a short list of the traits I attribute to the puppet master. There are other traits I keep to myself for the time being.

What is important to note is that it is this puppet master that is the true cause and effect to a lot of events in a certain area over the past decade.

Now that I have introduced everyone to the puppet master and put forth my opinions as to what kind of person the puppet master might be, let me move on to my next chapter in my little saga.

Stay tuned



(maybe or maybe not)

IMG_0811The difference between how people act on line and off line amazes me. What also amazes me as how easily those who claim to be real smart will fall into an obvious trap.

IMG_0810Anyone who knows me well also knows that there are a certain group of deviant trolls who insist on monitoring everything I do on my social media accounts even though I had taken measures to block them and also inform them that their monitoring (stalking) is unwelcome.

They clearly did not get the message.

I decided, therefore, to have a bit of fun.

newdigsLate Friday evening, I left on a trip from Orlando to Atlanta….OR DID I?

This is where things get interesting. As is the custom when I am on the road, I posted pictures. What I did NOT do is state where the pictures came from be that from my phone or from someplace else.

I wanted to see who was paying attention and who was not.

It took a while but one of the more deviant trolls walked right into my little trap. He tweeted to me and then immediately deleted the tweet.

That I thought was the end of the adventure and that I would be able to continue on without being bothered by the trolls.

But, imagine my surprise when a tweet came up that claims to expose my little “scam.”

What actually happened is that I got an unexpected dividend and caught a second rat in my little rat trap.

By doing so I caught someone in yet another lie. This certain someone made several claims that were debunked in one single posting.

CNNATLThat person knows who she is and she knows that she has now been caught in several lies with a single post.

I did accomplish one thing this weekend. It will be harder for anyone to determine where I am at at any given time.

If I claim to be home in Apopka, I may not be home in Apopka.

If I claim to be on a trip to a distant city, I may not may be on a trip to that distant city.

I may not be on a trip at all or I may be on a trip to a place OTHER than where I claim to be.

What I have done is to create uncertainty. It is an uncertainty that I can use to my advantage.

Stay tuned


internetfriendsThere are two effective weapons against trolls and on line cyber abusers. The first weapon is to ignore the trolls and the abusers. Both are weak and are starved for attention.

friends2Trolls and abusers act out because they have low self esteem and are unable to function in a normal environment. If they do not get the attention they feel they deserve, they throw tantrums and stalk those whom are stronger and more important than they are.

The second and most important weapon against the trolls and abusers is to build a coalition of friends to support each other against their collective abusers.

friends1Positives always outweigh the negatives. I have learned over the years that if you have a group of friends, no matter how small, to air your concerns and discuss the issues among each other, the problems with the trolls and the abusers are minimized.

friends3Another way a coalition of friends can combat the abusers is to support each others on line projects. If a friend has a blog, subscribe to it. If a friend has a podcast or other multimedia site, subscribe to it and interact with the group.

Spread good reviews about each others passions. In short do what friends do, encourage and help each other.

I have noticed that when trolls run into targets who are reinforced with good and loyal friends, they soon tire and move on to those they perceive as weaker targets.

In the end it is best to ignore the trolls and the abusers and use the coalition of friends to find ways to move forward without them.

Stay tuned