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exe6The perverts who create sock accounts to troll people on Twitter have found away to get around getting suspended for violating Twitter terms of service.

The pervert will create a Twitter account and troll their targets. After a while, the pervert will close their account making it impossible for the target to report them for their stalking and violation of Twitter rules.

This is a new twist to the perverts who makes posts and then delete them once their targets have seen the posts.

These perverted trolls are also making these sock accounts to attack both their friends and enemies.

These people obviously have severe personality and mental issues.

It is too bad that a certain attorney is brainwashed into accusing the wrong person for creating the socks attacking her and her friends and thus do something about this queer behavior.

There is, of course, the likely hood that the attorney knows of this activity and condones it.

She is, after all, an attorney, enough said.

Stay tuned