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ontheairWhat has to clearly be the dumbest blogger on the internet is demonstrating its complete lack of common sense as it comes back from its self imposed silence that lasted around a month. The blogger and its brainwashed followers are convinced that “I have the hots” for an equally brainwashed lawyer from South Florida.

It is time, once again, to try and instill some common sense  were it clearly is lacking.

I do so with a few questions:

fbarFirst: Why on earth would I be interested in a lawyer who I have personally told that I consider her a disgrace to her profession?

Now that would be an interesting way to win over a woman, don’t you think?

beachbullySecond: Why would I be interested in a woman whose boyfriend has threatened to beat the living crap out of someone who he felt was “making moves” on the woman he considered his possession?

At sixty something years old, I am not exactly in shape to get into a brawl with a dude half my age who works out in a gym and looks like someone not to be messed with.

smashedphoneI certainly would not want to mess with someone who claimed to have made ground beef out of a cell phone and who has been accused of having an extremely bad temper and is prone to violence.

victimWhile this has been professed to be a hoax, it is wise to remember WHO it was that made the accusations as to the above and other claims of domestic violence.

vmaNext we have the insane accusation that I had a fit over not being invited to an Eagles Concert in Jacksonville this past summer that coincided with a press/legal roundtable being held up there.

scalesjusticeAgain, these scrambled egg trolls have thrown common sense out the window. First of all, why would I want to attend a function with someone I had made my strong feelings known in regards to her profession?

cnnWhy would I want to be around someone I consider a perverted troll and cyber abuser of the most extreme nature?

And why would I want to be anywhere near someone who has been accused of killing  cell phones and threatens violence against anyone he has issues with?

One other interesting question. Why on earth would I even think that I would have the remotest chance of winning the affections of a woman who is professed to be wealthy with a mansion in South Florida?

DAVYSTHOUSEAccording to my haters, I am an uneducated retired truck driver, living in an old mobile home. I am hardly the catch that either her current boyfriend is or even the pervert that keeps attacking me under his own and sock account names.

stitruckThe answers to all of this is that there is no common sense involved in any of the blogger’s and followers rantings. The rants are for attention that they seek. There is no constructive purpose for what they do.

fftThese kind of people are a waste of bandwidth. They single out someone as a target for their useless purposes.

Look at who they target. A sixty something truck driver who spends the bulk of his time watching tv and playing on line games on Facebook.

My blog is  extremely small. Perhaps 10 people at most read the thing and half of the readers are doing so at the behest of the blogger.

I do not operate a public webcast or chat at the moment.

I certainly am not a guest panelist on any media source be it major or minor.

In short I am but one of millions  who spend various amounts of time on different social media sites.

I am not famous and I certainly am not important.

This leads to that all important question: Why me?

One answer seems to be for entertainment, or for the lulz.

There is one less obvious answer that may be the correct answer.


haleighThe final question is, diversion from what?

Stay tuned