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mcgiIn prior articles on this blog, I pointed that there are one or more individuals on Twitter and the internet who, if they looked hard enough, could find the truth behind who created certain Twitter Sock account and who also has been stealing images from Facebook and elsewhere to use for their dishonest purposes.

Recently, someone has done just that, coming across an app that track activity within Facebook that reveals the electronic signature of anyone copying images and other material off of a person’s Facebook page.

With this “electronic signature” it is then possible for someone with the proper technical background to find out exactly who it is behind all of the numbers.

The numbers that are within the above linked blog article are also within my account and a number of others. A fraud has been proven and now it is up to those who are being presented with the truth to accept that truth.

Do they have the courage to accept the truth? I have my doubts.

Time will tell

Stay Tuned