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FBI MAITLANDThe twitter postings by a certain group of perverts have been real interesting lately. They all seem to have a collective burr up their asses over images that I post there from time to time. Considering a few facts that I proffer here, some might find their perversion rather odd.

ftlaudThere are around 300 million plus active accounts on twitter. This, of course, does not take into account those perverts that create twitter accounts and then take them back down.

exe6There are an average of 500 million twitter posts made daily and roughly 70 percent of these posts contain some kind of image.

IMG_0810I am a retired truck driver that posts images of people places and things on twitter from time to time. 

CNNATLA majority of the posts are of images with no comment as to what they are of and why there were posted.

IMG_0489It is interesting, to say the least, that these perverts are so riled up over the images posted by this retired truck driver.

vets memorialAnother amusing thing about all of this perverted attention paid to images is that they use them as evidence to prove or disprove certain facts.

IMG_0588One hypocritical part of this nonsensical debate over images is that the ring leader of this group of perverts has never, in the years he has been on twitter, posted what could be a personal photo created by that person. Virtually every image posted on that person’s twitter accounts have been “borrowed” from the internet. 

IMG_0557Even a lawyer (Florida, naturally, enough said) seems to have joined in with the perverts childish nonsense by posting a couple of images she claims are hers.

foursquare1She even claims that someone on Foursquare was “busted” for posting “borrowed or faked” images on there.

Busted on Foursquare? Are you kidding me?

scalesjusticeAre people now consulting lawyers over images left on twitter (or Foursquare) with no comments added?

Have things become that whacked out?

It certainly seems that way.

Stay tuned