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Monthly Archives: October 2014

andersonassThere seems to be a rather interesting spat going on between two tv journalists this evening on Twitter. The argument seems to be over the coverage of the Ottowa shooting.


vgandersonGene Vandon, a media host and journalist took issue with Anderson Cooper and his coverage of the killing of the soldier in Ottawa, Canada today.

The discussion between the two journalists remain heated as of this writing. It makes for a surprising insight into the occasional feuds that break out among those people that we tune into for coverage of major events.

For this kind of rancor to come out in such a public setting by the high caliber ranked journalists that we would otherwise expect restraint is to be a bit of a surprise.

On the other hand, it does remind us that those at the top of the journalistic heap are human and get just as pissed off as the rest of us when something or someone rubs us the wrong way.

Stay tuned


namesHumans are the only creatures on this planet that give themselves a name. Humans are the only creatures who identify themselves with a collection of audio utterances that become known as a name, identity, handle, moniker, alias and so on and so forth.

birthcertificateHumans attempt to secure their name, their identification through documents, birth and death certificates, government identification, licenses, cards, photographs, finger prints, retina scans, dna samplings,military dog tags, medical id cards, with and without dna.deathcertificate

license1dogtagEven with these so called identifications, impersonations exists. Forgeries exists, fraud exists.


Those other forms of life that exist besides humans have their own method of identification. The methods vary but those methods are many times more reliable than those employed by us humans.

Humans also express their names in a written language, from pen on paper to the various forms of recording said names on the internet and elsewhere.

The human method of recording a name or identity is fallible. It is not reliable. Human names can be forged, or even made up.

With all of these facts before us, why do we humans rely on such names for identification? Is it a sense of security? Is it a sense of foundation?

Regardless of the answer, the human species has failed to establish a secure identity.

anonmaskWe are all anonymous.

We are all many.

We are all one.

Stay tuned


liartrollSome people just cannot let things go. I just got word that, yet again, a certain blogger from Atlanta insists on butting in where he is not wanted. In the process the blogger got things completely wrong…as usual.

So, this one last time, I am forced to write this article to clear up, once again, the misinformation posted on the blog.

So here we go. A few days ago, I had a discussion with someone who had created what is labeled a “sock account” and was accusing two Twitter account holders of being one certain individual.

In a private message discussion, I asked the account holder to end the discussion as to who may or may not be behind certain twitter accounts. I told the individual that no minds were being changed and that it was best to drop the matter.

The person agreed to heed my request and made a public statement to that effect.

A third party who made some posts on Twitter about our agreement.

Somehow the blogger got the mistaken impression that the third party had a principal role in what transpired.

The opposite is, in fact, the true story. The third party had absolutely nothing to do with what transpired and what the agreement consisted of,  that was reached.

I can only assume that the blogger cannot let go of the drama and move on to more substantive matters. Such as been the history with that blogger.

I, for one am fed up. I have moved on. I have decided to let things go and let things be.

It is about time that the trolls do the same.

Stay tuned


nasheed.jpgFor a while, now, I have observed the actions in Ferguson, Mo. played out on Twitter and elsewhere on social media as well as the coverage that has taken place on the mainstream media.

It came as a surprise when I came across a Twitter account operated by an outspoken Senator from that area. What surprised me is that her account is protected. Only those she invites to follow her can read the contents of her account.

Considering that this woman is an elected official and thus works for the people she represents, I find it disconcerting that she is operating, for all intents and purposes, behind closed doors. In Florida, we have what we call sunshine laws that might make this sort of thing illegal here. I do not know the laws of that state regarding the way she set up her twitter account.

nashbirth.jpgOne thing I did notice in her Twitter profile is that the senator had a link to a website. When I clicked on the link I found that the website seems to be set up to accept donations for a birthday party celebration for none other than Senator Nasheed.

Politicians are certainly strange people.

Stay tuned


etripI have been getting some messages lately about my Twitter posts where I label my travels “e-trips.” This is a new term that I have been using without explaining it’s meaning.

Rather than answer the messages one by one, I decided to blog about the term.

liartrollOnce again, I am being trolled by a persistent group of haters who insist on monitoring my every post on each and every social media account I have, with the exception of the private ones I have set up to keep them at bay.

tripplaneOver the labor day weekend, I went on a trip to do a favor for one of the members of our group. I posted some images on my twitter account for the benefit of those who are not yet cleared for the private accounts.

For some odd reason, the trolls took issue with the postings and began to whine about it on their various twitter accounts.

They called my travels E-trips and decided to claim that I was not making any trips whatsoever. Why? you might, ask is it any of their concern.

twitteraddictWell, as is the nature of trolls and haters, they decided to MAKE it their business. One rather peculiar person even claimed that the shots came from live cams and claimed she busted someone doing that on Foursquare.

foursquare1I never found out what the problem was at Foursquare and chalked it up to the person being out of her mind or abusing something or other.

ustreamSince I do live webcasts while on my various trips on the private channel and do post images on the open accounts on occasion, I decided the label E-Trips actually fit and have started using the term.

So there you have it folks. The trolls did me a favor by giving me a label for my webcasts.

As of this writing I have three such e-trips in the pipeline. The schedule for each of these trips will be posted as plans are finalized.

airportI will continue to post the images where and when I please, trolls be damned.

fftI have decided not to allow the trolls to run my life. If they want to continue to make fools of themselves by trolling where they are not welcome, that is their choice.

In the meantime, my friends:

Stay tuned


banksOver the past few years, including recently, there have been accusations of rape against football players and other athletes. Prominent among these was the infamous Steubenville Big Red rape case and the more recent explosion of rape claims as well as domestic violence claims against professional athletes.

bigredDuring the debate regarding this subject, opposing views have been posted to counter those at the lead in the rape survivor movement. Those who engage in the “wrong”viewpoints or comments are labeled rape apologists and worse.

Quite soon, however, a story is going to come to light that will call into question the widespread targeting of football athletes with the caustic charge of rape or even domestic violence.

The subject in this case will be the plight of Brian banks who was sent to prison after a woman falsely accused him of rape:


banksmugshotAfter being falsely accused of rape by a classmate, he spent more than five years in prison, but had his conviction overturned in 2012 after his accuser was secretly recorded admitting she had fabricated the story.”

It is not uncommon for women to make false accusations, I know this from personal experience.

This case has a more or less good outcome for Brian Banks. He was able to return to the NFL and gain employment.

Another development has come to light as recently as this last August. His life story is about to be made into a movie.


It is likely that this movie will go a long way to counter the propaganda set forth by so called anti-rape advocates who blindly go along with all rape accusations against athletes rather than take the time necessary to validate such claims.

anonrapeadvocateIt is also likely that the Brian Banks movie will damage the legitimate rape survivor cases due to these high profile fabrications.

supportjdAs more stories of false accusations of high profile athletes and public figures comes to light, the burden of proof will be much harder for rape survivors as potential jurors view these movies and read the stories of the falsely accused.

This should serve as a warning to those who continue to make false accusations. The people who will be damaged will not only be those falsely accused but those with legitimate accusations as well.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Stay tuned



autumnFall or autumn is the last season of the year. It is the season of the most change. It first starts out as a cooling off after a hot summer. In Florida, it marks the end of the heavy rainy season.

In the fall we put away our lawn mowers and weed eaters after one final mowing and landscaping, at least that is most of the time. Nature has a habit of tricking us and it might be necessary to pull out the lawn mower one or two more times before the end of the year, although that will become less frequent.

halloweenIn the fall we begin to look forward to the new year. We begin to make plans for the holidays. Halloween is the first important holiday of the fall (other than the national one) where everyone has a little fun at the end of October. November brings in the beginning of the holiday in earnest. There are the foot ball games to watch  and the basketball games.

thanksgivingSooner than we expected, thanksgiving will be upon us and the official start of the shopping season for the Christmas holiday.

shopping There are other fall events that will keep us all busy. There are things on the horizon both good and bad.

We look forward to each tomorrow with anticipation and trepidation. As the 15th year of this new century looms closer, we all have to wonder what the new year will bring.

Stay tuned


sebrinaThere are naysayers on the internet who will claim one or more missing children are dead and it is time to give up hope. Once again, however, a story appears that proves these naysayers wrong.

This girl went missing years before one of the prominent missing child case in Lake County Florida and the other prominent missing child case in Putnam County Florida occurred.

As more of these cases get reported by the mainstream media, this should serve as sage advice to ignore the naysayers and keep our eyes out on the chance that we may spot one or more of these missing children.

Stay tuned