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liartrollSome people just cannot let things go. I just got word that, yet again, a certain blogger from Atlanta insists on butting in where he is not wanted. In the process the blogger got things completely wrong…as usual.

So, this one last time, I am forced to write this article to clear up, once again, the misinformation posted on the blog.

So here we go. A few days ago, I had a discussion with someone who had created what is labeled a “sock account” and was accusing two Twitter account holders of being one certain individual.

In a private message discussion, I asked the account holder to end the discussion as to who may or may not be behind certain twitter accounts. I told the individual that no minds were being changed and that it was best to drop the matter.

The person agreed to heed my request and made a public statement to that effect.

A third party who made some posts on Twitter about our agreement.

Somehow the blogger got the mistaken impression that the third party had a principal role in what transpired.

The opposite is, in fact, the true story. The third party had absolutely nothing to do with what transpired and what the agreement consisted of,  that was reached.

I can only assume that the blogger cannot let go of the drama and move on to more substantive matters. Such as been the history with that blogger.

I, for one am fed up. I have moved on. I have decided to let things go and let things be.

It is about time that the trolls do the same.

Stay tuned