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nasheed.jpgFor a while, now, I have observed the actions in Ferguson, Mo. played out on Twitter and elsewhere on social media as well as the coverage that has taken place on the mainstream media.

It came as a surprise when I came across a Twitter account operated by an outspoken Senator from that area. What surprised me is that her account is protected. Only those she invites to follow her can read the contents of her account.

Considering that this woman is an elected official and thus works for the people she represents, I find it disconcerting that she is operating, for all intents and purposes, behind closed doors. In Florida, we have what we call sunshine laws that might make this sort of thing illegal here. I do not know the laws of that state regarding the way she set up her twitter account.

nashbirth.jpgOne thing I did notice in her Twitter profile is that the senator had a link to a website. When I clicked on the link I found that the website seems to be set up to accept donations for a birthday party celebration for none other than Senator Nasheed.

Politicians are certainly strange people.

Stay tuned