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etripI have been getting some messages lately about my Twitter posts where I label my travels “e-trips.” This is a new term that I have been using without explaining it’s meaning.

Rather than answer the messages one by one, I decided to blog about the term.

liartrollOnce again, I am being trolled by a persistent group of haters who insist on monitoring my every post on each and every social media account I have, with the exception of the private ones I have set up to keep them at bay.

tripplaneOver the labor day weekend, I went on a trip to do a favor for one of the members of our group. I posted some images on my twitter account for the benefit of those who are not yet cleared for the private accounts.

For some odd reason, the trolls took issue with the postings and began to whine about it on their various twitter accounts.

They called my travels E-trips and decided to claim that I was not making any trips whatsoever. Why? you might, ask is it any of their concern.

twitteraddictWell, as is the nature of trolls and haters, they decided to MAKE it their business. One rather peculiar person even claimed that the shots came from live cams and claimed she busted someone doing that on Foursquare.

foursquare1I never found out what the problem was at Foursquare and chalked it up to the person being out of her mind or abusing something or other.

ustreamSince I do live webcasts while on my various trips on the private channel and do post images on the open accounts on occasion, I decided the label E-Trips actually fit and have started using the term.

So there you have it folks. The trolls did me a favor by giving me a label for my webcasts.

As of this writing I have three such e-trips in the pipeline. The schedule for each of these trips will be posted as plans are finalized.

airportI will continue to post the images where and when I please, trolls be damned.

fftI have decided not to allow the trolls to run my life. If they want to continue to make fools of themselves by trolling where they are not welcome, that is their choice.

In the meantime, my friends:

Stay tuned