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autumnFall or autumn is the last season of the year. It is the season of the most change. It first starts out as a cooling off after a hot summer. In Florida, it marks the end of the heavy rainy season.

In the fall we put away our lawn mowers and weed eaters after one final mowing and landscaping, at least that is most of the time. Nature has a habit of tricking us and it might be necessary to pull out the lawn mower one or two more times before the end of the year, although that will become less frequent.

halloweenIn the fall we begin to look forward to the new year. We begin to make plans for the holidays. Halloween is the first important holiday of the fall (other than the national one) where everyone has a little fun at the end of October. November brings in the beginning of the holiday in earnest. There are the foot ball games to watch  and the basketball games.

thanksgivingSooner than we expected, thanksgiving will be upon us and the official start of the shopping season for the Christmas holiday.

shopping There are other fall events that will keep us all busy. There are things on the horizon both good and bad.

We look forward to each tomorrow with anticipation and trepidation. As the 15th year of this new century looms closer, we all have to wonder what the new year will bring.

Stay tuned