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namesHumans are the only creatures on this planet that give themselves a name. Humans are the only creatures who identify themselves with a collection of audio utterances that become known as a name, identity, handle, moniker, alias and so on and so forth.

birthcertificateHumans attempt to secure their name, their identification through documents, birth and death certificates, government identification, licenses, cards, photographs, finger prints, retina scans, dna samplings,military dog tags, medical id cards, with and without dna.deathcertificate

license1dogtagEven with these so called identifications, impersonations exists. Forgeries exists, fraud exists.


Those other forms of life that exist besides humans have their own method of identification. The methods vary but those methods are many times more reliable than those employed by us humans.

Humans also express their names in a written language, from pen on paper to the various forms of recording said names on the internet and elsewhere.

The human method of recording a name or identity is fallible. It is not reliable. Human names can be forged, or even made up.

With all of these facts before us, why do we humans rely on such names for identification? Is it a sense of security? Is it a sense of foundation?

Regardless of the answer, the human species has failed to establish a secure identity.

anonmaskWe are all anonymous.

We are all many.

We are all one.

Stay tuned