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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Good old POPS just stuck his foot in his mouth……..again. This poor butthurt soul got all bent out of shape because I DARE offer an opinion of Anonymous based on my PERSONAL experiences. He then goes on to make this threat;


By doing so he offers proof of the TRUTH of what I have been saying all along. The Anonymous movement is so weak that their members cannot take even the slightest criticism.

Anonymous is so weak that a retired 64 year old is such a threat that one of it’s members has to make a threat of the above nature to avenge someone who dares exercise his right to free speech.

Stay tuned


There are the naysayers who say, he is dead, she is dead when it comes to speculating the fate of two missing children from Florida. Those who never give up hope of finding these children are made fun of by those who think they have all of the answers.

boyfoundAnd then a story like this one finds its way into the mainstream media to remind all of us to never give up hope that there will be that one slim chance that a child missing and presumed dead will be found alive and well.

The story of how the child linked in this story was found,  is one of the strangest I have ever seen. The boy actually helped his mother and law enforcement find him.

In the custody of a “caretaker.”

Stay tuned


liartrollThe most desperate of trolls is at it yet again. I was wondering how long it would take for the most prolific liar on the internet to rear it’s ugly head and drag me into yet another one of it’s fantasies. Lo and behold on Thanksgiving, this desperate troll went into a twitter rampage tagging my name in tweet after tweet blaming me for the troubles with Websleuths.

While I was off in REAL LIFE enjoying Thanksgiving AWAY from the internet, Radio was making a fool out of itself yet again on twitter and elsewhere.

fftThe demented troll went on to blame me for every problem that everyone has had on the internet for years. The problem is that the troll left OUT all of the stalking that it and it’s associates did of ME and my friends simply because I had the audacity to have an OPINION.

Now, it is sad to say the least that this still unidentified troll cannot be HONEST with people and admit IT’S wrong doing in what has happened in the past and also tell the TRUTH about the wrong doings of its minions as well.

That will, of course, never happen. Radio, the coward still remains ashamed of itself to the extent that it thoroughly hides its identity AND gender behind one of the most secure anonymous identities on the internet.

hidingThe cowardly troll does not have the courage that I and others do. It is we who do NOT hide who we are and go to such great lengths to cower in the darkness of secrecy so that it will NOT have to be held accountable for their actions.

This coward rants and raves over people who create sock accounts to have the SAME secret identity it has yet will defend it’s right to remain secret.

websleuthsThis latest childish rant by Radio proves my point. All one has to do is to go back through ALL of my writings on the Websleuths lawsuit to understand that I take no position either for or against anyone directly or indirectly involved with the dispute.

Radio, apparently chooses not to comprehend that point and for that I am not surprised. Remember that it is Radio that claimed that I HATED my son. It was Radio that claimed that my son was NOT MINE. It was Radio that published my PERSONAL information including detailed information on ALL the places I have lived, encouraged people to harass my current landlord and allowed the publication of DETAILED motor vehicle information in VIOLATION of Florida law.

One final point. Radio has made it abundantly clear that I am a nobody on the internet. Radio claims that only 4 people read any of my blogs. If that is the case, why does Radio continue to drag me into it’s latest efforts to garner the attention it so much desires. It is Radio that decided to inject itself into the Websleuths lawsuit and has taken Trica Griffith’s side in the process.

Radio is far from being neutral or unbiased in any discussion of the lawsuit. It is obvious that Radio for whatever reason, has thrown its support entirely into Trica Griffith’s corner. So be it. It is Radio’s choice to decide to take sides in the matter.

I only made a blog about the lawsuit because somehow links to  my old blog wound up in a forum that Radio operates. I did not ask for those links to  be placed there. I made a one time blog about where I stood on the situation and thought the matter was done.

I should have known better. Radio has proven itself to be an attention seeking crybaby who once again decided to attack me.

Well, let the crybaby and its minions throw their little tantrums. Unlike them I have MOVED ON. I have more productive things to do than get involved into the petty squabbles that have taken over any sensible debates on the true crime blogs.

thanksgivingI will check in from time to time to watch the petty squabbles among the mindless trolls who seem to have no life other than the ongoing social media soap operas.

Happy thanksgiving all.



trollfeed1It has been quite a while since I have been harassed by the trolls with the exception of one maggot who made a wise crack and promptly deleted it. It would have been nice if the trolls had ceased their antics much sooner but I take what I can get. It has been an interesting decade and yes, I do mean a decade, for that is how long this small group of useless trolls have been at it.

liartrollThey seem to have moved on to greener pastures and to more prominent victims of their useless antics. By doing so, they are showing the world the truth of what I and others have had to put up with for such a long time. There is no real understanding as to why the trolls do what they do and thus it is hard to determine how to prevent getting on their radar to begin with.

fftWhat is now clear is that an ever increasing number of people have contacted me and state that they now understand that virtually every accusation lodged against me has been proven to them to be fabricated and outright lies. One surprising contact was from a local reporter who was surprised to learn the degree of harassment I have had to endure. It is unfortunate that this realization did not come much sooner before the severe damage to me and countless others had  been done.

But, the past is the past. The truth is now out there and the trolls have been identified for the liars and schemers that they are. Many of them are now turning on each other which is interesting to watch. If current activities are any indication, next year is going to be an interesting one.

The internal strife is sure to intensify once the major events of the past couple of months fade away and there is nothing to catch their interests elsewhere. They will once again revert to personal attacks and it looks like those personal attacks will be against each other.

The attacks against each other have already started. The foundation is being laid for there to be ever intense attacks by the trolls against their fellow trolls in 2015.

I will be watching intently as the new Troll Apocalypse begins, this time it will be the trolls that will be consumed by it, and one can hope that none of them will survive the apocalypse of their own making.

Stay tuned


JANE-DOE-SUPPORTWinter Springs, Florida is no Steubenville. Nowhere is that more obvious when one looks at what is NOT happening in Winter Springs and who is NOT paying attention to a remarkably similar gang rape case. There are no protests, there are certainly no hackers. No #op by Anonymous. The two prominent bloggers present in the Steubenville case have done nothing beyond an occasional retweet.

Zip, sero, nada, zilch seems to be the operative words. Instead, quite the opposite is going on. There is an  “op” or at least a hashtag


There is also a twitter hastag for each of the 6 accused teens still in custody for the alleged rape. The bulk of the entries on the various social media websites are attacking the accuser and there is little if any entries to counter the bullying of her. Considering the degree of outrage that was present in the Steubenville case, I find this highly surprising.

bigredPerhaps I should not have been surprised. The fact of the matter is that the “star of the show” up there, the woman who claims to have  brought the Steubenville rape case to the forefront actually lived there, though briefly, and had an agenda and history with the town.

The superstar blogger has no ties to Winter Springs, and seems to be still obsessed with the aftermath of the Steubenville matter to largely ignore what is going on down here.

The same seems to also hold true for the sidekick who claims to have helped bring Anonymous to Steubenville to “bring attention” to the plight of the rape survivor there.

Again, not much of any consequence from her either. Nor is there any mention of the case by those still vocal in the aftermath of the Steubenville case.

anonmaskOne has to wonder why. What is it about Steubenville that is more important than Winter Springs? A teenager was raped, and I mean actually RAPED!. There was no digital penetration. There was actual alleged unwanted sexual intercourse by SIX males. This makes the Winter Springs case far worse than Steubenville.

The alleged rape also took quite close to one of the largest high schools in Seminole County and not in the basement of someone’s house at a drinking party.

If anything, the Winter Springs case should have sparked more of an outrage than anything that happened in the Steubenville case. What IS the outrage is the apparent lack of attention to the Winter Springs rape case.

If anything, this confirms to me something I felt since the beginning of the Steubenville case. That belief is that the principal parties only got involved in the Steubenville case because they had an axe to grind. They had a negative history with the town and used the rape case to “get back” at the residents there for some perceived wrong done to them.

The Big Red rape was a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less.

There have been a number of similar cases in the past years since the Big Red Case was resolved but little was said or done by the principals in these succeeding cases. Over and over again all that is said is about Steubenville and the current status of those convicted.

This latest example serves as what the truth was behind the actions of the Blogger, her sidekick and Anonymous. Any support of a rape survivor was secondary to whatever their primary agenda was.

As for what is in store for the Winter Springs Jane Doe and the defendants in that case, we can only:

Stay tuned


billcYet another highly respected “hero” has been the target of serious accusations that question our respect and admiration of him. That is, if the accusations against the comedic icon Bill Cosby are true. It does not matter if the accusations are true or not. the damage has already been done as has been the case with accusations against famous people in the past.

What makes the rape accusations so remarkable in this case is the decades long rants by Mr Cosby against  the sexist and vulgar lyrics that are in the majority of rap songs and seem to be a large part of the young African American culture. He has often railed against the demeaning of women in the music and culture of the rap generation.

Some of the accusations against Bill Cosby are serious and graphic. The reaction to these accusations have been swift. Cancellation of various airings of him are mounting. Protests against him appearing in various venues have increased. The public is turning against him.

Mr. Cosby, of course, has denied the accusations in the strongest of terms. Are the accusations false? Only time will tell. Time will also tell if Mr Cosby will survive the accusations, true or not, of if he will face into the background to be yet another famous person tarnished by accusations of wrong doing.

And we are left, once again,  with the same frequently asked question:

Is there anyone anywhere that we can respect and trust?

Stay tuned



websleuthsThere is an obvious outcome of the lawsuit that nobody seems to notice or understand. The outcome will be the same no matter who wins or loses or if there is a draw. The only question is when and how long will it take.

And what is “it?”

“It” is going to be a change in management and ownership of Once the dust settles after the resolution of the lawsuit, a new battle for control of Websleuths will commence. The bitter feelings that are current among those taking the various sides in this dispute will boil over as calls for payback begin to be heard and intensify over time.

Another factor that will play a role is the rift that has developed between the two owners of the social media empire. Whatever friendship existed between the two women who now run Websleuths is essentially gone. There exists a resentment and an anger between them.

Sooner than later there will be several actions that will result in a cyber divorce as moves are started to oust one of the owners from Websleuths. The question becomes who will leave? Neither of the partners created Websleuths. One purchased the website from the original creator and the other brought half ownership of it.

I would expect that there would be a move for one partner to buy the other one out or for one partner to sell her share of the social media empire to an outside party.

People need to understand that is a business. It exists, in part, to make money.  One may argue that in order to cover expenses, it became necessary for Websleuths to seek a source of revenue. That may be true, but in doing so, it became a business and thus a profit making organization.

Those reading this who are in business might understand the ramifications of being a profit making organization and how this lawsuit will effect those in control of it.

When a dispute of this nature exists between the owners of a business, there can only be one outcome. Someone has to go. The question is who will that be? One partner, Trica Griffith, is the star of the show, so to speak. She is what is considered “the talent” of the organization. It is she who is the public face of Websleuths. She does the interviews. She does the webcasts. She interacts, for the most part, with the members and fans of the website.

The other partner is more of an administrator. She operates the machine. She is more in the background seeing to the day to day operations of the website, at least that is the general understanding that should have been in place when the partnership and LLC were formed.

It is this lack of understanding that contributed to what caused the lawsuit in the first place. Two friends became partners in a business but somewhere along the line did not run the business like a business.

What is happening to Websleuths is actually fairly common in the business world. Friends decide to go into business together and something happens that both ends the friendship and changes the dynamics of the business. There are many examples of this.

Facebook is one example, Apple is another. In both of these cases, the companies survived and are thriving. Websleuths, on the other hand, may not survive. If it does survive, it will be completely different than it was before the lawsuit.

Along with the departure of one of the partners will be that of the staff members who backed the wrong person. This will not be only  because the surviving partner starts to weed out those that went against her, but, in addition, be due to pressure from those informal managers within Websleuths who start to wield their influence to oust those they feel caused even greater damage to Websleuths than the lawsuit itself.

There may also be an exodus of those who are the core of Websleuths, the subscribers and fans. The exodus for the most part has already begun. Those tired of the infighting or those who were fans of one partner or the other are going elsewhere to discuss those subjects of interest that brought them to Websleuths in the first place.

There are other major true crime social media websites out there for the subscrbers and fans to migrate to for the information and interaction they seek.

If enough of these people migrate away from Websleuths it will wither and die.

2015 will be the beginnings of a civil war. Now we wait to see who will win and who will lose and…if Websleuths survives.

Stay tuned


kkkanonAt first glance one would applaud the  efforts of Anonymous to out the identities of the secretive members of The KKK after a threat of force was levied against the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. As just as their cause  might be, Anonymous suffers from a number of rather troubling problems.

The biggest problem of all of these is that many of the members of the KKK are also members of Anonymous. Now one would think that the highly intelligent members of  the Anonymous hive behind #opkkk would have figured this little piece of trivia out, but they apparently lost sight of exactly what Anonymous is and is not.

As the ever increasingly well known #opkkk becomes to the attention of the mainstream media, some highly resourceful  investigative journalists might do some digging and turn up evidence of just how close such extremest groups as the KKK and Anonymous are linked.

The first clue is what Anonymous is and what Anonymous is not. Anonymous is a movement, it is a concept, it is an idea. What it is NOT is an organized group nor does it have a fixed agenda. Everyone is free to do their own thing regardless of their beliefs or agenda.

scientologyOne major clue as to the connection of these two groups lies in what was the roots of Anonymous.  The movement got it’s initial start by attacking the Church of Scientology.

Guess who else had an equal hatred of The Church of Scientology?  The KKK, of course.  Scientology is considered non-christian, and a cult, after all.

It is the one area both groups agree and why it is obvious that Members of the KKK are also involved in the Anonymous movement.

kkkkids kkkcopAnother fact that seems to elude those both within and outside of the Anonymous collective is that the KKK is multi-generational. The KKK is not just a bunch of old farts who have advocated their hatred for decades but also have among their ranks their own version of “newfags” who are well versed in the exact same technology that is used by Anonymous to engage in their hacking of the various social media accounts.

It is common knowledge that the KKK  youth embraced the Anonymous cause against The Church of Scientology almost from the beginning. The same holds true of the various neo Natzi groups that have also embraced the Anonymous concept and formed their own collectives or “hives.”

Before any member of Anonymous that may be reading this gets a burr up their ass, you might want to take some time and study the history of Anonymous and some of the various “ops” that that have taken place that by sheer coincidence mirrors what the KKK  and other extremeist groups believe in.

I personally know (or at least suspect) several individuals who are members of BOTH the KKK and Anonymous.  To deny that there are members of the KKK who are also members of Anonymous is to deny the very foundation that Anonymous is built.

It is this foundation that is the weakest part of Anonymous and just might be the beginning of the end of the movement when someone with the resources to do so  starts investigating those who are both KKK members and also members of  Anonymous.

That day of reckoning may well come sooner than anyone might think as those who are within Anonymous are investigating to see what the extent of the KKK membership and involvement WITH Anonymous may be.

There is also a day of reckoning coming for those KKK members who are also members of Anonymous when they are discovered by and outed by the very group they allied themselves with.

2015 is shaping up to be one interesting year.

Stay tuned



JANE-DOE-SUPPORTA Jane Doe is gang raped by her high school classmates. Where are the Jane Doe supporters? Where is Anonymous? Where are the bloggers? Where are the social media darlings?

bigredThey are all still in Steubenville, Ohio. This is yet another case where a teenaged Jane Doe is victimized and her case is being ignored by the so called advocates that had such a fit over the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

wshsWhile the search goes on in Winter Springs, Florida for the up to 7 suspects in the gang rape of a teenaged Jane Doe, the so called Rape survivor advocates are still ranting and raving about the now old case in Steubenville. I can understand the continued debate in Steubenville about how that incident occurred and the aftermath.

What I cannot understand is why cases such as the one in Winter Springs, Florida is being largely ignored by those same individuals.

Perhaps I should have understood why since the so called star of that show up there had a history with Stubenville and has NO history with Central Florida.

I guess rape outrage depends on where you live or have lived.

Stay tuned


websleuthsIn almost every organization are people known as “the informal leaders.” These are people who can work outside of their designated duties to get things done and who can make or break an organization. It will be these informal leaders who will determine if survives the lawsuit between the two owners of the forum empire.

Anyone who has to deal with an organization on an ongoing basis or who wants to gain influence with that organization is wise to identify and seek out the informal leaders. These people attained their goals by having the ability to instinctively define the role of the organization and effectively work with both formal and informal leaders within the organization.

The two owners and higher ranked leaders within Websleuths could be defined as the formal leaders. It is the formal leaders that set the basic policy and mission of an organization or group. It is the informal leaders who have the power to either carry out the policy and mission of the forum or modify them.

An important element that determines the survival of an organization is the loyalty of the informal leaders towards the formal leaders and the organization itself. If enough strife grows within Websleuths or a loyalty gap grows between the parties in the current lawsuit, Websleuths survival as a viable true crime forum is in peril.

This danger has become apparent recently with the growing discussion of who is and is not being supported in the lawsuit. There have been accusations lodged toward both parties of the lawsuit and the various supporters and detractors.

informal Those who are the informal leaders of Websleuths are taking notice and their actions reflect their concern for the survival of the forum empire. If these informal leaders become discouraged with the actions of their formal leaders, they may well leave Websleuths in enough numbers to cause the forum empire to collapse and fail.

It is a danger that the parties of the lawsuit need to take notice of and conduct themselves accordingly.

Stay tuned