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websleuthsIn almost every organization are people known as “the informal leaders.” These are people who can work outside of their designated duties to get things done and who can make or break an organization. It will be these informal leaders who will determine if survives the lawsuit between the two owners of the forum empire.

Anyone who has to deal with an organization on an ongoing basis or who wants to gain influence with that organization is wise to identify and seek out the informal leaders. These people attained their goals by having the ability to instinctively define the role of the organization and effectively work with both formal and informal leaders within the organization.

The two owners and higher ranked leaders within Websleuths could be defined as the formal leaders. It is the formal leaders that set the basic policy and mission of an organization or group. It is the informal leaders who have the power to either carry out the policy and mission of the forum or modify them.

An important element that determines the survival of an organization is the loyalty of the informal leaders towards the formal leaders and the organization itself. If enough strife grows within Websleuths or a loyalty gap grows between the parties in the current lawsuit, Websleuths survival as a viable true crime forum is in peril.

This danger has become apparent recently with the growing discussion of who is and is not being supported in the lawsuit. There have been accusations lodged toward both parties of the lawsuit and the various supporters and detractors.

informal Those who are the informal leaders of Websleuths are taking notice and their actions reflect their concern for the survival of the forum empire. If these informal leaders become discouraged with the actions of their formal leaders, they may well leave Websleuths in enough numbers to cause the forum empire to collapse and fail.

It is a danger that the parties of the lawsuit need to take notice of and conduct themselves accordingly.

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