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liartrollThe most desperate of trolls is at it yet again. I was wondering how long it would take for the most prolific liar on the internet to rear it’s ugly head and drag me into yet another one of it’s fantasies. Lo and behold on Thanksgiving, this desperate troll went into a twitter rampage tagging my name in tweet after tweet blaming me for the troubles with Websleuths.

While I was off in REAL LIFE enjoying Thanksgiving AWAY from the internet, Radio was making a fool out of itself yet again on twitter and elsewhere.

fftThe demented troll went on to blame me for every problem that everyone has had on the internet for years. The problem is that the troll left OUT all of the stalking that it and it’s associates did of ME and my friends simply because I had the audacity to have an OPINION.

Now, it is sad to say the least that this still unidentified troll cannot be HONEST with people and admit IT’S wrong doing in what has happened in the past and also tell the TRUTH about the wrong doings of its minions as well.

That will, of course, never happen. Radio, the coward still remains ashamed of itself to the extent that it thoroughly hides its identity AND gender behind one of the most secure anonymous identities on the internet.

hidingThe cowardly troll does not have the courage that I and others do. It is we who do NOT hide who we are and go to such great lengths to cower in the darkness of secrecy so that it will NOT have to be held accountable for their actions.

This coward rants and raves over people who create sock accounts to have the SAME secret identity it has yet will defend it’s right to remain secret.

websleuthsThis latest childish rant by Radio proves my point. All one has to do is to go back through ALL of my writings on the Websleuths lawsuit to understand that I take no position either for or against anyone directly or indirectly involved with the dispute.

Radio, apparently chooses not to comprehend that point and for that I am not surprised. Remember that it is Radio that claimed that I HATED my son. It was Radio that claimed that my son was NOT MINE. It was Radio that published my PERSONAL information including detailed information on ALL the places I have lived, encouraged people to harass my current landlord and allowed the publication of DETAILED motor vehicle information in VIOLATION of Florida law.

One final point. Radio has made it abundantly clear that I am a nobody on the internet. Radio claims that only 4 people read any of my blogs. If that is the case, why does Radio continue to drag me into it’s latest efforts to garner the attention it so much desires. It is Radio that decided to inject itself into the Websleuths lawsuit and has taken Trica Griffith’s side in the process.

Radio is far from being neutral or unbiased in any discussion of the lawsuit. It is obvious that Radio for whatever reason, has thrown its support entirely into Trica Griffith’s corner. So be it. It is Radio’s choice to decide to take sides in the matter.

I only made a blog about the lawsuit because somehow links to  my old blog wound up in a forum that Radio operates. I did not ask for those links to  be placed there. I made a one time blog about where I stood on the situation and thought the matter was done.

I should have known better. Radio has proven itself to be an attention seeking crybaby who once again decided to attack me.

Well, let the crybaby and its minions throw their little tantrums. Unlike them I have MOVED ON. I have more productive things to do than get involved into the petty squabbles that have taken over any sensible debates on the true crime blogs.

thanksgivingI will check in from time to time to watch the petty squabbles among the mindless trolls who seem to have no life other than the ongoing social media soap operas.

Happy thanksgiving all.