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websleuthsThere is an obvious outcome of the lawsuit that nobody seems to notice or understand. The outcome will be the same no matter who wins or loses or if there is a draw. The only question is when and how long will it take.

And what is “it?”

“It” is going to be a change in management and ownership of Once the dust settles after the resolution of the lawsuit, a new battle for control of Websleuths will commence. The bitter feelings that are current among those taking the various sides in this dispute will boil over as calls for payback begin to be heard and intensify over time.

Another factor that will play a role is the rift that has developed between the two owners of the social media empire. Whatever friendship existed between the two women who now run Websleuths is essentially gone. There exists a resentment and an anger between them.

Sooner than later there will be several actions that will result in a cyber divorce as moves are started to oust one of the owners from Websleuths. The question becomes who will leave? Neither of the partners created Websleuths. One purchased the website from the original creator and the other brought half ownership of it.

I would expect that there would be a move for one partner to buy the other one out or for one partner to sell her share of the social media empire to an outside party.

People need to understand that is a business. It exists, in part, to make money.  One may argue that in order to cover expenses, it became necessary for Websleuths to seek a source of revenue. That may be true, but in doing so, it became a business and thus a profit making organization.

Those reading this who are in business might understand the ramifications of being a profit making organization and how this lawsuit will effect those in control of it.

When a dispute of this nature exists between the owners of a business, there can only be one outcome. Someone has to go. The question is who will that be? One partner, Trica Griffith, is the star of the show, so to speak. She is what is considered “the talent” of the organization. It is she who is the public face of Websleuths. She does the interviews. She does the webcasts. She interacts, for the most part, with the members and fans of the website.

The other partner is more of an administrator. She operates the machine. She is more in the background seeing to the day to day operations of the website, at least that is the general understanding that should have been in place when the partnership and LLC were formed.

It is this lack of understanding that contributed to what caused the lawsuit in the first place. Two friends became partners in a business but somewhere along the line did not run the business like a business.

What is happening to Websleuths is actually fairly common in the business world. Friends decide to go into business together and something happens that both ends the friendship and changes the dynamics of the business. There are many examples of this.

Facebook is one example, Apple is another. In both of these cases, the companies survived and are thriving. Websleuths, on the other hand, may not survive. If it does survive, it will be completely different than it was before the lawsuit.

Along with the departure of one of the partners will be that of the staff members who backed the wrong person. This will not be only  because the surviving partner starts to weed out those that went against her, but, in addition, be due to pressure from those informal managers within Websleuths who start to wield their influence to oust those they feel caused even greater damage to Websleuths than the lawsuit itself.

There may also be an exodus of those who are the core of Websleuths, the subscribers and fans. The exodus for the most part has already begun. Those tired of the infighting or those who were fans of one partner or the other are going elsewhere to discuss those subjects of interest that brought them to Websleuths in the first place.

There are other major true crime social media websites out there for the subscrbers and fans to migrate to for the information and interaction they seek.

If enough of these people migrate away from Websleuths it will wither and die.

2015 will be the beginnings of a civil war. Now we wait to see who will win and who will lose and…if Websleuths survives.

Stay tuned