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billcYet another highly respected “hero” has been the target of serious accusations that question our respect and admiration of him. That is, if the accusations against the comedic icon Bill Cosby are true. It does not matter if the accusations are true or not. the damage has already been done as has been the case with accusations against famous people in the past.

What makes the rape accusations so remarkable in this case is the decades long rants by Mr Cosby against  the sexist and vulgar lyrics that are in the majority of rap songs and seem to be a large part of the young African American culture. He has often railed against the demeaning of women in the music and culture of the rap generation.

Some of the accusations against Bill Cosby are serious and graphic. The reaction to these accusations have been swift. Cancellation of various airings of him are mounting. Protests against him appearing in various venues have increased. The public is turning against him.

Mr. Cosby, of course, has denied the accusations in the strongest of terms. Are the accusations false? Only time will tell. Time will also tell if Mr Cosby will survive the accusations, true or not, of if he will face into the background to be yet another famous person tarnished by accusations of wrong doing.

And we are left, once again,  with the same frequently asked question:

Is there anyone anywhere that we can respect and trust?

Stay tuned