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JANE-DOE-SUPPORTWinter Springs, Florida is no Steubenville. Nowhere is that more obvious when one looks at what is NOT happening in Winter Springs and who is NOT paying attention to a remarkably similar gang rape case. There are no protests, there are certainly no hackers. No #op by Anonymous. The two prominent bloggers present in the Steubenville case have done nothing beyond an occasional retweet.

Zip, sero, nada, zilch seems to be the operative words. Instead, quite the opposite is going on. There is anĀ  “op” or at least a hashtag


There is also a twitter hastag for each of the 6 accused teens still in custody for the alleged rape. The bulk of the entries on the various social media websites are attacking the accuser and there is little if any entries to counter the bullying of her. Considering the degree of outrage that was present in the Steubenville case, I find this highly surprising.

bigredPerhaps I should not have been surprised. The fact of the matter is that the “star of the show” up there, the woman who claims to haveĀ  brought the Steubenville rape case to the forefront actually lived there, though briefly, and had an agenda and history with the town.

The superstar blogger has no ties to Winter Springs, and seems to be still obsessed with the aftermath of the Steubenville matter to largely ignore what is going on down here.

The same seems to also hold true for the sidekick who claims to have helped bring Anonymous to Steubenville to “bring attention” to the plight of the rape survivor there.

Again, not much of any consequence from her either. Nor is there any mention of the case by those still vocal in the aftermath of the Steubenville case.

anonmaskOne has to wonder why. What is it about Steubenville that is more important than Winter Springs? A teenager was raped, and I mean actually RAPED!. There was no digital penetration. There was actual alleged unwanted sexual intercourse by SIX males. This makes the Winter Springs case far worse than Steubenville.

The alleged rape also took quite close to one of the largest high schools in Seminole County and not in the basement of someone’s house at a drinking party.

If anything, the Winter Springs case should have sparked more of an outrage than anything that happened in the Steubenville case. What IS the outrage is the apparent lack of attention to the Winter Springs rape case.

If anything, this confirms to me something I felt since the beginning of the Steubenville case. That belief is that the principal parties only got involved in the Steubenville case because they had an axe to grind. They had a negative history with the town and used the rape case to “get back” at the residents there for some perceived wrong done to them.

The Big Red rape was a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less.

There have been a number of similar cases in the past years since the Big Red Case was resolved but little was said or done by the principals in these succeeding cases. Over and over again all that is said is about Steubenville and the current status of those convicted.

This latest example serves as what the truth was behind the actions of the Blogger, her sidekick and Anonymous. Any support of a rape survivor was secondary to whatever their primary agenda was.

As for what is in store for the Winter Springs Jane Doe and the defendants in that case, we can only:

Stay tuned