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kkkanonAt first glance one would applaud the  efforts of Anonymous to out the identities of the secretive members of The KKK after a threat of force was levied against the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. As just as their cause  might be, Anonymous suffers from a number of rather troubling problems.

The biggest problem of all of these is that many of the members of the KKK are also members of Anonymous. Now one would think that the highly intelligent members of  the Anonymous hive behind #opkkk would have figured this little piece of trivia out, but they apparently lost sight of exactly what Anonymous is and is not.

As the ever increasingly well known #opkkk becomes to the attention of the mainstream media, some highly resourceful  investigative journalists might do some digging and turn up evidence of just how close such extremest groups as the KKK and Anonymous are linked.

The first clue is what Anonymous is and what Anonymous is not. Anonymous is a movement, it is a concept, it is an idea. What it is NOT is an organized group nor does it have a fixed agenda. Everyone is free to do their own thing regardless of their beliefs or agenda.

scientologyOne major clue as to the connection of these two groups lies in what was the roots of Anonymous.  The movement got it’s initial start by attacking the Church of Scientology.

Guess who else had an equal hatred of The Church of Scientology?  The KKK, of course.  Scientology is considered non-christian, and a cult, after all.

It is the one area both groups agree and why it is obvious that Members of the KKK are also involved in the Anonymous movement.

kkkkids kkkcopAnother fact that seems to elude those both within and outside of the Anonymous collective is that the KKK is multi-generational. The KKK is not just a bunch of old farts who have advocated their hatred for decades but also have among their ranks their own version of “newfags” who are well versed in the exact same technology that is used by Anonymous to engage in their hacking of the various social media accounts.

It is common knowledge that the KKK  youth embraced the Anonymous cause against The Church of Scientology almost from the beginning. The same holds true of the various neo Natzi groups that have also embraced the Anonymous concept and formed their own collectives or “hives.”

Before any member of Anonymous that may be reading this gets a burr up their ass, you might want to take some time and study the history of Anonymous and some of the various “ops” that that have taken place that by sheer coincidence mirrors what the KKK  and other extremeist groups believe in.

I personally know (or at least suspect) several individuals who are members of BOTH the KKK and Anonymous.  To deny that there are members of the KKK who are also members of Anonymous is to deny the very foundation that Anonymous is built.

It is this foundation that is the weakest part of Anonymous and just might be the beginning of the end of the movement when someone with the resources to do so  starts investigating those who are both KKK members and also members of  Anonymous.

That day of reckoning may well come sooner than anyone might think as those who are within Anonymous are investigating to see what the extent of the KKK membership and involvement WITH Anonymous may be.

There is also a day of reckoning coming for those KKK members who are also members of Anonymous when they are discovered by and outed by the very group they allied themselves with.

2015 is shaping up to be one interesting year.

Stay tuned