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trollfeed1It has been quite a while since I have been harassed by the trolls with the exception of one maggot who made a wise crack and promptly deleted it. It would have been nice if the trolls had ceased their antics much sooner but I take what I can get. It has been an interesting decade and yes, I do mean a decade, for that is how long this small group of useless trolls have been at it.

liartrollThey seem to have moved on to greener pastures and to more prominent victims of their useless antics. By doing so, they are showing the world the truth of what I and others have had to put up with for such a long time. There is no real understanding as to why the trolls do what they do and thus it is hard to determine how to prevent getting on their radar to begin with.

fftWhat is now clear is that an ever increasing number of people have contacted me and state that they now understand that virtually every accusation lodged against me has been proven to them to be fabricated and outright lies. One surprising contact was from a local reporter who was surprised to learn the degree of harassment I have had to endure. It is unfortunate that this realization did not come much sooner before the severe damage to me and countless others had  been done.

But, the past is the past. The truth is now out there and the trolls have been identified for the liars and schemers that they are. Many of them are now turning on each other which is interesting to watch. If current activities are any indication, next year is going to be an interesting one.

The internal strife is sure to intensify once the major events of the past couple of months fade away and there is nothing to catch their interests elsewhere. They will once again revert to personal attacks and it looks like those personal attacks will be against each other.

The attacks against each other have already started. The foundation is being laid for there to be ever intense attacks by the trolls against their fellow trolls in 2015.

I will be watching intently as the new Troll Apocalypse begins, this time it will be the trolls that will be consumed by it, and one can hope that none of them will survive the apocalypse of their own making.

Stay tuned