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JANE-DOE-SUPPORTA Jane Doe is gang raped by her high school classmates. Where are the Jane Doe supporters? Where is Anonymous? Where are the bloggers? Where are the social media darlings?

bigredThey are all still in Steubenville, Ohio. This is yet another case where a teenaged Jane Doe is victimized and her case is being ignored by the so called advocates that had such a fit over the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

wshsWhile the search goes on in Winter Springs, Florida for the up to 7 suspects in the gang rape of a teenaged Jane Doe, the so called Rape survivor advocates are still ranting and raving about the now old case in Steubenville. I can understand the continued debate in Steubenville about how that incident occurred and the aftermath.

What I cannot understand is why cases such as the one in Winter Springs, Florida is being largely ignored by those same individuals.

Perhaps I should have understood why since the so called star of that show up there had a history with Stubenville and has NO history with Central Florida.

I guess rape outrage depends on where you live or have lived.

Stay tuned