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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Where have all the heroes gone?

billc2014 was a bad year for those we had respected, admired and idolized. A spate of scandals involved some of the most well known and respected celebrities this year.

Tops on that list was Bill Cosby with a slew of accusations of rape and related sex crimes.

jzsThere is the famous elevator fight between Jay Z Solange.

NFL player Ray Rice found himself in the middle of a domestic violence scandal.

7thThe confession of 7th heaven star Stephen Collins to molesting an 11 year old girl and then a 12 year old girl got people’s tongues wagging.

booboomomThe mother of boo boo, the little girl with her own reality show was discovered to be dating a pedophile.

jbmugJustin Bieber appeared to be attempting to set a scandal record with his antics throughout the year.

sterlingAnd who can forget Atty and NBA team owner Donald Sterling’s astonishing racist rants against Magic Johnson and V. Stiviano, the latter his personal assistant.

There was the rape claim and retraction of Amanda Bynes against her father.

Bryan Singer, the director of X Men was accused of drugging, raping and using his fame and power to exploit an 8 year old boy.

These are but a few of the many scandals that cast a shadow over those who had been looked up to this year. It seems there is nobody that can be looked up to as an example of how to conduct themselves. The scandals and disappointments covered all areas from Lawyers, to mayors, congresspersons  Corporations and the CEO’s that run them.

Even the clergy was heavily involved in scandals.

Will we fare better in 2015? By all indications, no. Things may actually get worse.

Stay tuned

While browsing through Facebook this evening, I came across a video that claimed to show Mike Brown of Ferguson fame beating the hell out of a defenseless old man. It was disgusting and sickening to watch. He beat the man several times while his friends not only watched but one actually joined in.

Everyone stood around and did absolutely nothing. The victim eventually got up and staggered off. After sharing the video on Facebook, I did the same over on Twitter.

Imagine my shock when someone replied to the post about the video.


The person posted a Youtube link demonstrating that the person in the video MAY NOT be Mike Brown. It is clear by comparing both videos that the man in the original video may be someone else entirely.

To date, nobody has come forward explaining who made the video, how the original poster obtained the video and what steps were taken to fact check the video.

As someone who has been the victim of similar false accusations, I should have known better than to take the original video at face value. I apologize to those who took that video at face value because I chose to believe it as authentic when posting it.

Stay tuned


Part of what I have planned for the new year is to live stream with a new found friend named Bubba. Bubba lives up to his name. He is a big jolly old fellow. He is getting ready for the new year along with me here at MurthavenFloridanewdigs. As soon as I can coax him off his lazy ass, he will be joining me on the live stream that will be starting soon.

So, be sure to stay tuned in for when Bubba makes his debut.


As the year nears it’s end and my self imposed deadline looms, I feel the need to wrap things up, sort of. As I said in my prior posts, A lot of answers to questions I have had for a long time started to be answered.

While the truth of what I have learned has become more and more clear, I am not of the illusion that all is rosy and well and that things are going to get better. Just the opposite is true. A tremendous amount of damage has been done to me and others caught up in the actions of a group of evil and deviant trolls who decided to interfere with the lives of complete strangers and destroy their lives in the process.

These people do not care what harm they have caused and the lives they have destroyed. They have no moral compass. They are greedy for attention and care only for themselves. They are enthralled by the power they are able to yield.

There will never be a day when a mass of people suddenly realize that I had been telling the truth. People simply do not care. People have their own lives to live. The events that triggered these actions have long passed and people have moved on.

It is time for me to move on. I realize now that the blogs will never come down. The videos will not come down. The liars will not confess `and the liars will not make amends.

The damage has been done and is beyond repair.

So as the new year approaches, I resign from my quest for the truth and start the New Year with a renewed purpose.

I will no longer mention the trolls and what they have done in public. The only caveat will be if circumstances warrant my doing so. The criteria is quite limited so do not expect me to retract what I have written here anytime soon.

The trolls are not going to stop. There are plenty of examples out there. The mock and demean a woman who has not been on the internet in any form for more than two years. They accuse a person of acts that are quite hard to perform since the person has been dead long before the deeds they are accused of being a part of took place.

The trolls will try their best to get my attention once again. It has worked in the past but it will not work now.

Farewell and Stay tuned

A new path is about to be taken shortly


The last few days have been a real eye opener. In a short period of time, a lot of questions were answered and a primary reason people have been harassing me and others seems to have presented itself.

It is as simple as outsiders barging in on a domestic dispute between three people. All of the fake sock accounts and the various accusations that have been posted all point to people taking the side of one person in particular.

Since one of the parties could be considered a famous and distinguished person with a high profile occupation, it seems some opportunists saw some advantage by taking that person’s side.

This is similar to the support or non support of the two parties involved in the Websleuth’s lawsuit.

There are those who feel that they need to get on one side or another of certain disputes for their own purposes.

In the case of the domestic dispute, this barging in on personal affairs has exacerbated an already emotionally charged and stressful situation between the parties directly involved in the dispute.

Also, the outsiders fail to understand that in the center of this dispute are children who are being used as pawns in a marital chess game and their interference is not helping matters.

For some strange reason, a number of individuals out there seems to have thought that I had taken sides in the dispute or had made some negative efforts against two of the parties. This is not the case.

One of the parties, who had kept his account private, suddenly opened it to public. When he did that, he also followed me. Curious as to why, I sent him a follow request. Shortly thereafter the party called my mobile phone and left me a message. I called the number back and explained why I did the follow request.

The person told me that he had seen my name mentioned quite frequently in the other person’s account and wanted to find out how I fit into the situation.

I told him that I was not interested in the dispute between him and the others and that my interest was in setting the record straight regarding accusations made against me by a number of people who refuse to identify who they are or how they came to draw their conclusions.

After that call, It was made clear that I was not interested in the dispute and that there is no need to discuss the matter with me. He agreed and we have not spoken since.

It is unfortunate that there are those out there who are making a stressful situation worse for a family. These people have no reason to be barging in where they do not belong and making fake sock accounts attacking the people involved.

The problem is, however is the outsiders will continue their actions and the blame game is deeply engrained in their personalities.

I sincerely hope that the parties in the domestic dispute are able to come to some agreement that will allow all of them to move forward to a new future. I am staying out of it and I suggest others do so as well.

Stay tuned


blogcommentA short time ago, a rather curious blog was linked to my twitter account. It seems yet another troll has their burr up their ass about what I write here. The blogger put up an example of one of the illegal acts done against me as some kind of intimidation or joke.

In the latest posting, the blogger put up the comment illustrated above.

Now in the above comment the blogger states that I should “mind my own business.” Well the problem with that is that it is MY business. The accusations are against ME. What is being written about in THAT blog and others is about ME. That makes it MY BUSINESS.

If ANYONE should be minding their business, it is the author of the blog be it parody or not.

A pattern of the blogger reading either here or on my twitter account began to take place and this went on until I found myself blocked from reading the blog. I thought this was a signal the blogger had moved on and this was the end of the trolling.

My mistake. I found myself once again unblocked and the blogger once again criticized my writing and, in the process, putting up a rather strange comment. Now I clearly indicated that I was going to stop commenting on the trolls completely on January, 1 of the coming year. Now by MY calender it is still December 28th of THIS year.

So, I would suggest that the blogger might want to invest in a new calender and remind itself that I am on the east coast of the United States and that I am under Eastern Standard Time. This means that it is around 5pm in the afternoon here while I am writing. I will be ending the discussion, in public, of the pond scum that has been harassing me for the past 10 years on the date I have indicated.

Now for the second reason for this post. It seems that the blogger in question cares nothing for any quest for the truth of anything that has been going on. The blogger, instead, has done nothing but engage in a name calling tirade for the sheer purpose of entertaining the pond scum that links the blog or whatever devious motive there is for writing the blog.

The blogger does not care that there is someone out there playing with peoples lives. That there is someone out there engaging in actions that affect the children of a number of people as well as innocent victims caught up in these questionable actions.

This makes me think that the blog author is the very person the four of us have been talking off line about for the past two days. The blogger may be on the way to being found out as the guilty party.

Why else has the blogger seem not to be understanding is that the very people I am talking to are the same ones who have been my harshest critics and it was one of these individuals who approached me with the information I am now using to get to the truth of the matter.

I have suggested to three of the concerned parties that a personal meeting between me and them is a practical way to get to the bottom of this situation. In the case of one party, we are communicating directly and an in person meeting is planned for sometime in the near future.

The same offer to the other two parties has been made and is being considered by them. I am waiting for their reply. I have made it clear to all parties that my meeting with them is to discuss the actions of those on line and not with any personal disputes between the individual parties. Their personal matters are their own to settle.

In closing, I am making this clear to the blogger. I intend to seek the truth with the others involved or alone if that is to be the case. Either way I will get to the bottom of all of this no matter how long as it takes.

Then there will be a day of reckoning.

The ONLY thing that is changing is that  After 11:59:59 pm on December, 31, 2014 I will no longer talk about it IN PUBLIC unless something of substance mandates my doing so.



rocket30Truth can be both a curious and elusive thing. Over the past week or so, a lot of truth has come my way. Just recently a long asked question was answered. That question was why did a long standing rant about someone wanting to beat someone up for making moves on his girlfriend suddenly vanish without a trace from Twitter.

rocket32The answer lies to some extent to the screen shot you see here. It seems someone decided to play a little game involving me, one of my harshest critics and two other people from south of where I live.

rocket33Once upon a time, several people decided to go to a rock concert in Jacksonville, Fl. One person did not like the fact that a male and female were going to be together at this concert and he made all sorts of posts to me stating how he was going to handle the situation.

I tried to reason with this person and told him it was not worth doing what he intended to do and it would only drive the woman away from him.

And then something rather odd happened. A photo of the person who made the threats and his target appeared and they were not at all angry with each other. I was rather confused by this development and started doing some looking around.

As it turns out, the whole thing was an elaborate hoax to ensnare me in this little soap opera. For some reason, however, when the trap was sprung and the accusations were made, none of the conversations between me and the person showed up. They vanished.

Then the information started to flow in and there it was, an accusation. But not against me. It was against someone else. Someone was impersonating one of the parties of the conversation. The person was using his image and initials of his name in another account.

So, as has been the case many times before, someone decided to pit people against each other by impersonating their targets and stirring up all kinds of trouble in the process.

Now, as to who the impersonator was is anyone’s guess. The twitter account used by the impersonator is now owned by someone who had no idea that the account name was used to play on line games.

In going through the twitter log of the person being impersonated, I noticed scores of twitter sock accounts created for the express purpose of harassing certain individuals. I could not believe how many there were.

This explains quite a lot. Due to this recent development, I have reached out to two of the parties and have  had a discussion with a third about what has been going on over twitter for the past 3 or more years.

We have all been played, those of us who are friends and those of us who are bitter enemies. Someone out there has pitted each of us against each other for their own motives.

What those motives are, are anyone’s guess.

I, however, fully intend to find out.

Stay tuned



I am having a debate with a rather curious author of yet another sock blog that has been set up to write about little ol me. The administrator has an issue as to what I write in here and on twitter.

The administrator cannot stand it because I am calling people out who keep writing things ABOUT me and complaining about me yet these same people do not take what is the simplest way out.

Do not read my blog and do not view my twitter account. A rather simple solution to a rather simple problem.

The blogger comes up with a rather stupid excuse for why it is reading my accounts and then writing about them.

The blogger is doing exactly what it is accusing me of doing. From day one, all the blog has been about is me, and me and me. No other subject and certainly nobody else.

Then the blogger complains that I am reading that blog. Jeez, I just cannot win. Well, once again I must repeat that in around 6 days from now, I will not be discussing the trolls anymore. I will still write in this blog as well as in the new one, but, for the most part, the trolls are old news.

Not even the big Websleuths lawsuit seems to be getting much attention lately which might explain this latest trolling. The trolls have nothing productive to do.

By constantly attacking me, the trolls are providing the evidence to back up my claims that I have been stalked for years by a group of anonymous trolls that comprise mostly of bored housewives and social deviants locked up in their dark little rooms.

Then there is the latest troll, a rookie truck driver who decides to let the world know what a shitty driver he is.

He claims the posting of the bench warrant was to distract me from some big operation he has planned. Yeah, right.

I am wondering what these people are going to do after the first. For one they will continue to complain about me.

That is all they know how to do.

Stay tuned



Well, according to the worlds dumbest troll and rookie truck driver, the whole warrant thing was to throw me off track over some important “action” on his part.


One has to wonder what this attention seeking troll is up to now. Time will tell if he is actually going to do something or if he is just being a paper tiger yet again.

Again, after the first of January I will not give a flying fuck.

Oh by the way, dummy, now that you have claimed that you are involved in an accident, why not post the copy of BOTH tickets and the accident report?

Or are you chicken?


Stay tuned


I almost fell out of the chair with laughter when I got the latest twitter blast from what has to be the worst rookie truck driver on the road today.

For some strange reason, he seems to have this inability to keep his big fat mouth shut. In the process of trying to come up with excuse after excuse why he got the traffic ticket, he posted detailed photos of the accident.

He did a LOT of damage to that truck. His excuse was that it was “the other guy” who caused the accident and it was his heroic efforts that saved the day. Umm, ok, not that I care all that much.

Now what started all of this is that the troll had the bright idea of posting a photo of a bench warrant notice that he got and claiming that “he did not know what the charges were.”

Weld County Warrant
Warrant Charge: 5499-traffic Offenses
Bail: $300.00
Orig. Warrant Date: 12/10/14
Date Warrant Entered:
ORI: Greeley Municipal Court
Warrant: GPAA140371
DOB: 1/3/1992 Gender: Male
Height: 5′ &a” Weight: 210
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Crime Type: Misdemeanor
Warrant Charge: 5499-traffic Offenses Free Txt
Bail: $300.00
Orig. Warrant Date: 12/10/14
Date Warrant Entered:
ORI: Greeley Municipal Court
Warrant: GPAA140371
He did not mention the NO INSURANCE charge. Whoops
It might also explain why the “bail” was more than the U turn ticket since there would be a fine for the second offense as well.
 Well, someone who follows the account noticed that there was a lot of information in the image and sent me the link to it.

I thought nothing of the whole thing and had forgotten about it until the troll decided to twitter storm me and tag my username. Once I checked his account to see what he was ranting about this time, I found the post about his warrant.

The first question I had is why the hell did he post about this in the first place? He knew people were going to check it out and they did.

He wanted the attention, that is why. Now he did get a ticket for doing a U turn. The exact charge may have been for “an improper turn” which may or may not be the same thing.

He also explained away the warrant stating that he already paid for the ticket and has the proof. Well, again, why make such a big fuss and post about it in the first place? Also since he decided to post about the incident, why did he leave out the fact that he claims to have paid the ticket and has the proof.

Also, since he is from Florida, he should have known that most tickets written here are known as summonses. That means you can either appear in court to fight the charge, hire a lawyer to do it or pay the fine (post the bond) and be done with it.

Now, in the case of Colorado, he may be right or he might be ignorant. I personally do not care. What I do not understand is why he is making such a big deal out of nothing. He seems overly concerned about what I think of his stupidity and decided to go on the big rant about it.

I will be curious to see what happens on January first of this year when, in spite of anything he says on twitter or in his many sock blogs about me, he will find himself completely ignored.

The guy is an idiot. I do not care anything about him or his love interest. I really wish he would go and troll someone who actually cares what he does.

I certainly do not.