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Where have all the heroes gone?

billc2014 was a bad year for those we had respected, admired and idolized. A spate of scandals involved some of the most well known and respected celebrities this year.

Tops on that list was Bill Cosby with a slew of accusations of rape and related sex crimes.

jzsThere is the famous elevator fight between Jay Z Solange.

NFL player Ray Rice found himself in the middle of a domestic violence scandal.

7thThe confession of 7th heaven star Stephen Collins to molesting an 11 year old girl and then a 12 year old girl got people’s tongues wagging.

booboomomThe mother of boo boo, the little girl with her own reality show was discovered to be dating a pedophile.

jbmugJustin Bieber appeared to be attempting to set a scandal record with his antics throughout the year.

sterlingAnd who can forget Atty and NBA team owner Donald Sterling’s astonishing racist rants against Magic Johnson and V. Stiviano, the latter his personal assistant.

There was the rape claim and retraction of Amanda Bynes against her father.

Bryan Singer, the director of X Men was accused of drugging, raping and using his fame and power to exploit an 8 year old boy.

These are but a few of the many scandals that cast a shadow over those who had been looked up to this year. It seems there is nobody that can be looked up to as an example of how to conduct themselves. The scandals and disappointments covered all areas from Lawyers, to mayors, congresspersons¬† Corporations and the CEO’s that run them.

Even the clergy was heavily involved in scandals.

Will we fare better in 2015? By all indications, no. Things may actually get worse.

Stay tuned