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rocket30Truth can be both a curious and elusive thing. Over the past week or so, a lot of truth has come my way. Just recently a long asked question was answered. That question was why did a long standing rant about someone wanting to beat someone up for making moves on his girlfriend suddenly vanish without a trace from Twitter.

rocket32The answer lies to some extent to the screen shot you see here. It seems someone decided to play a little game involving me, one of my harshest critics and two other people from south of where I live.

rocket33Once upon a time, several people decided to go to a rock concert in Jacksonville, Fl. One person did not like the fact that a male and female were going to be together at this concert and he made all sorts of posts to me stating how he was going to handle the situation.

I tried to reason with this person and told him it was not worth doing what he intended to do and it would only drive the woman away from him.

And then something rather odd happened. A photo of the person who made the threats and his target appeared and they were not at all angry with each other. I was rather confused by this development and started doing some looking around.

As it turns out, the whole thing was an elaborate hoax to ensnare me in this little soap opera. For some reason, however, when the trap was sprung and the accusations were made, none of the conversations between me and the person showed up. They vanished.

Then the information started to flow in and there it was, an accusation. But not against me. It was against someone else. Someone was impersonating one of the parties of the conversation. The person was using his image and initials of his name in another account.

So, as has been the case many times before, someone decided to pit people against each other by impersonating their targets and stirring up all kinds of trouble in the process.

Now, as to who the impersonator was is anyone’s guess. The twitter account used by the impersonator is now owned by someone who had no idea that the account name was used to play on line games.

In going through the twitter log of the person being impersonated, I noticed scores of twitter sock accounts created for the express purpose of harassing certain individuals. I could not believe how many there were.

This explains quite a lot. Due to this recent development, I have reached out to two of the parties and haveĀ  had a discussion with a third about what has been going on over twitter for the past 3 or more years.

We have all been played, those of us who are friends and those of us who are bitter enemies. Someone out there has pitted each of us against each other for their own motives.

What those motives are, are anyone’s guess.

I, however, fully intend to find out.

Stay tuned