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blogcommentA short time ago, a rather curious blog was linked to my twitter account. It seems yet another troll has their burr up their ass about what I write here. The blogger put up an example of one of the illegal acts done against me as some kind of intimidation or joke.

In the latest posting, the blogger put up the comment illustrated above.

Now in the above comment the blogger states that I should “mind my own business.” Well the problem with that is that it is MY business. The accusations are against ME. What is being written about in THAT blog and others is about ME. That makes it MY BUSINESS.

If ANYONE should be minding their business, it is the author of the blog be it parody or not.

A pattern of the blogger reading either here or on my twitter account began to take place and this went on until I found myself blocked from reading the blog. I thought this was a signal the blogger had moved on and this was the end of the trolling.

My mistake. I found myself once again unblocked and the blogger once again criticized my writing and, in the process, putting up a rather strange comment. Now I clearly indicated that I was going to stop commenting on the trolls completely on January, 1 of the coming year. Now by MY calender it is still December 28th of THIS year.

So, I would suggest that the blogger might want to invest in a new calender and remind itself that I am on the east coast of the United States and that I am under Eastern Standard Time. This means that it is around 5pm in the afternoon here while I am writing. I will be ending the discussion, in public, of the pond scum that has been harassing me for the past 10 years on the date I have indicated.

Now for the second reason for this post. It seems that the blogger in question cares nothing for any quest for the truth of anything that has been going on. The blogger, instead, has done nothing but engage in a name calling tirade for the sheer purpose of entertaining the pond scum that links the blog or whatever devious motive there is for writing the blog.

The blogger does not care that there is someone out there playing with peoples lives. That there is someone out there engaging in actions that affect the children of a number of people as well as innocent victims caught up in these questionable actions.

This makes me think that the blog author is the very person the four of us have been talking off line about for the past two days. The blogger may be on the way to being found out as the guilty party.

Why else has the blogger seem not to be understanding is that the very people I am talking to are the same ones who have been my harshest critics and it was one of these individuals who approached me with the information I am now using to get to the truth of the matter.

I have suggested to three of the concerned parties that a personal meeting between me and them is a practical way to get to the bottom of this situation. In the case of one party, we are communicating directly and an in person meeting is planned for sometime in the near future.

The same offer to the other two parties has been made and is being considered by them. I am waiting for their reply. I have made it clear to all parties that my meeting with them is to discuss the actions of those on line and not with any personal disputes between the individual parties. Their personal matters are their own to settle.

In closing, I am making this clear to the blogger. I intend to seek the truth with the others involved or alone if that is to be the case. Either way I will get to the bottom of all of this no matter how long as it takes.

Then there will be a day of reckoning.

The ONLY thing that is changing is that  After 11:59:59 pm on December, 31, 2014 I will no longer talk about it IN PUBLIC unless something of substance mandates my doing so.