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I am having a debate with a rather curious author of yet another sock blog that has been set up to write about little ol me. The administrator has an issue as to what I write in here and on twitter.

The administrator cannot stand it because I am calling people out who keep writing things ABOUT me and complaining about me yet these same people do not take what is the simplest way out.

Do not read my blog and do not view my twitter account. A rather simple solution to a rather simple problem.

The blogger comes up with a rather stupid excuse for why it is reading my accounts and then writing about them.

The blogger is doing exactly what it is accusing me of doing. From day one, all the blog has been about is me, and me and me. No other subject and certainly nobody else.

Then the blogger complains that I am reading that blog. Jeez, I just cannot win. Well, once again I must repeat that in around 6 days from now, I will not be discussing the trolls anymore. I will still write in this blog as well as in the new one, but, for the most part, the trolls are old news.

Not even the big Websleuths lawsuit seems to be getting much attention lately which might explain this latest trolling. The trolls have nothing productive to do.

By constantly attacking me, the trolls are providing the evidence to back up my claims that I have been stalked for years by a group of anonymous trolls that comprise mostly of bored housewives and social deviants locked up in their dark little rooms.

Then there is the latest troll, a rookie truck driver who decides to let the world know what a shitty driver he is.

He claims the posting of the bench warrant was to distract me from some big operation he has planned. Yeah, right.

I am wondering what these people are going to do after the first. For one they will continue to complain about me.

That is all they know how to do.

Stay tuned